nuke testing sites

nuke testing sites

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    When the fuck did we get nuked?


    Nobody knows….making the U.S. look dumber every day.


    The Japanese, of course.


    I think its a suggestion for possible new places to test nukes

    I agree with nuking the fags and drug users of california


    I love California. Fags have good taste in clothes. Drug users help to shore up our economy. Can you say paradise?


    Nevada not California….how much more retarded can you people get?


    @The_Hanz: Probably never as retarded as your face.:D

    I just stated that I love California. Duck my sick if you have a problem with that.


    @dieAntagonista: The half jew kraut speak up! Nice insults…really clever. Back of the oven for you!


    This globe is not depicting where nuclear attacks have happened. This is stating where nuclear detonation testing has occured. The larger the nuclear cloud, the more testing has occured in that area. It just so happens that Nevada and New Mexico were heavily used for testing and thus the nuclear cloud is very large and extends to California. If it was based on actual sizes of the bombs used our clouds would not be as large, although there would be a huge cloud sticking out of the northern part of Russia on the island of Novaya Zemlya where the largest… Read more »


    @Brandonluke: The other half is Nuclear Warfare…


    so when i first looked at this i was like oh scheiße then i was like oh maybe this is what they forcast for ww3 then Brandonluke enlightend me and i feel better now


    Good thing they all took place on that little ball, otherwise the world might be fucked up.


    I don’t see how anyone could think that’s centered in California. It’s at least one state over.


    You forget, there are some Americans that have problems finding the Iraq on a map…because they don’t have them…



    Hey kommisarkonrad glad to see you are back and retarded as ever. What’s it like hating people who enjoy using chemicals to enhance their mood? I bet you do it all the time, did you eat today? Y’know eating releases endorphins right? Y’know what else does? Drugs. You do drugs. Or do you drink coffee? If so you do drugs. Do you drink alcohol or smoke ciggarettes? if so you do drugs. Do you use mouthwash or over the counter medicine? You do drugs.


    also there is an undetonated nuke off the coast of Georgia USA.


    @Brandonluke: This PSA brought to you by A Real American Hero … GI JOE!!!


    man… Those nukes look ugly…


    okay Lotus, you fail so bad you make DieAntagonista look like Steven Hawking

    trying to compare the most basic ‘drugs’ such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, to ‘official’ drugs is a weak attempt at trying to justify all drug use

    Just a sad case of single-minded sheep like you, who just try to group all things of a certain nature, regardless of the strength of the connection between them, into a single category – just like americans did when a few middle eastern terrorists attacked them and they just went after ALL middle eastern people