Three way chess board


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    I… I… Would this even WORK? I’m not good enough at chess to know!


    i think it would, until you got into the middle with a queen.. not really sure that she’d be able to choose to move in five directions…


    Whoever wins, everyone loses.


    It would work, but it would be a complicated game to play. I put together a roughly gradient-coloured version, with places marked for red, white, and black players. What you really have here is one and a half chessboards, six quarters instead of four. Half of a player’s board faces one opponent, and the other half faces their other opponent. Movement rules are 100% normal except for the six central squares, which allow diagonal movement in six directions rather than the usual four (though you could introduce a rule that limits this, maybe forcing you to stay on the same… Read more »


    Oops, fucked up my tag. Here is my coloured version.


    I’m just waiting for them to make a 4d chess board.

    What? I’d like to move pieces back in time.


    Can’t work. What about the bishop? It can move diagonally until it hits a center line… then what? A forward diagonal move from any of the 6 central squares gives you 3 choices, right left or center. So now you have some sort of quantum bishop that moves simultaneously along a corollary path to my not giving a flying fuck anyway. God I’m such a nerd.

    3 Player Chess is so much fun, I bought mine here: 3 Way Chess


    I have one exactly like this. Not sure how to play tough