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The BMW F650GS. Looks sort of like a futuristic police bike. Sitting in my garage. Should I take her out for a spin without any motorcycle experience?

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    Absolutely NOT!
    That’s too much bike for a novice, ESPECIALLY if it’s not yours.


    in my opinion.. no… but some biker shops, and your dmv should have information on a group that helps people learn how to ride.. shouldnt cost much either… less than an ambulance ride i’m sure

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Fuck those pussies telling you not to ride. Its in your blood!. Just smoke a bunch of meth first to get your reflexes up and you’ll be good to go.




    I see what you’re doing there, but I’m thinking of the bike.


    how did you get it home without experience?

    I guarantee that you’ll drop it… and that’s why you don’t buy a new/nice bike for your first bike.

    Have fun, enjoy.

    1986 BMW K75


    you know you got that shit with your fake money



    Ride it, with some of your fat girlfriends, then try juming of a cliff.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    you don’t have a garage. you have a car port.

    I say you pop some meth in the gas tank and have one of your whales gun the engine while you suck sweet freedom from the tailpipe.


    what was it that originally started this casemods flame trend anyway? i cant remember. maybe my memory is just not so good but he seems like a nice young man.


    Just go over to the forums, click any thread; there will be your answer.


    bike is cool, but the front design looks wrong somehow, like they were on to something but got lost and didnt really finish. then again im sure alot of people disagree with that.


    Fill out your donor card and have at it. I’ve got an uncle that needs a new pancreas.

    tiki god

    Those bikes look small… what cc are they? 250? I had a 250 ninja once, it was cute


    umm, the CCs are posted on the bike.

    tiki god

    uhmmmm I’ve never heard of a 650 cc motorcycle before. 250. 500. 750. yep. never heard of a 650 though. is that some kind of foreign piece of shit motorcycle that doesn’t follow normal motorcycle cc rules? 250 steps ya’ll.


    so you hate what you don’t understand? that’s sad.

    BMW makes fine machines. How about Ducati? They’re pretty good and make bikes in non-250 steps. Feeling ego-centric? How about Harley-Davidson? They make all kinds of bikes with various engine sizes.

    Do you even ride or is it just cool to hate?


    This is a nice bike. The frame looks A LOT like a Ducati Monster. It’s still weird seeing chain drive BMWs, but I’d ride this one until the wheels fell off.


    What? Really? I’ve seen plenty of 600s or 650s. Like, say, the Katana 600, or the Ninja 650r, or the yamaha yzf 600r or my brother’s bike, the suzuki SV650s, just off the top of my head.


    I own a 650cc Triumph.


    My second motorcycle was a 1971 (I think) Honda CB350 enduro. I was 17. I rode the hell out of that thing. The head gasket finally blew and though I tried, I never could get it to work properly again. Good times.


    It’s like the Britney Spears song not a girl not yet a woman…

    This isn’t exactly a motorcycle it’s an Enduro (dirt bike with minimal fairings,) congrats on your 8,000 dollar street legalized dirt bike.

    It’s a 650 with 71 Hp before it hits the wheels you’ll be alright nothing a teenage hobbyist can’t handle. The one “universal rule” for motorcycles, dirt-bikes or something caught in between is “The moment you loose respect for it, is the moment it will take you down.”


    hell yes you should take it out. make sure to drive fast and don’t wear a helmet. be an hero.


    yes take it out
    go 80 around those tight corners til you go flying into a guard rail and
    end up in ICU


    Tiki seems to be hung up on Kawasaki. they do the 250 cc increments. Got a CB 350 and a GS 800 in the yard really need to do something with….

    Case, you go have fun. If you get lucky and don’t go out in a blaze of glory, I’m sure your Pop will do some damage for taking out his bike.


    That’s a GS850. And something IS being done with it. Scaving parts so that maybe the GS1000 will run again.


    since when did all bikes only go up in 250cc’s? not a single triumph goes up in 250cc’s my speed triple is a 955cc


    God I hate you, Casemeths.

    So which fantasy world is it in which you can afford a $10,000 dirt bike? (Sorry, STREET bike. Ha.) I think this photo is a lie as there are no roosters in the background.


    I’m sure it is a 10,000 dollar bike when your credit is SHIT, and you finance a Enduro for 10 years. The MSRP brand new isn’t 10,000 dollars dip shit… you are the epitome of a ninny Casemod. Your dad is an alcoholic abuser who punched your mom in the stomach during her 3rd trimester so it’s not your fault but you could probably get a federal grant or two for some college funding.


    MSRP is 8,995 God help the poor soul who falls for MSRP in this market


    I didn’t buy the bike champ. I can care less how much my dad paid. It’s a $10,000 motorcycle and you can never have access to it! BWHAHAHAH!