herra frush

I can’t tell if this is a mercedes or lexus.

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    Well the Vienna Merisia plates apparently refer to the wheels, not the car, and that’s the extent of the research I’m willing to do for a car that looks like it would disembowel itself on a speedbump.


    Mercedes usually has the emblem in the front, which this one doesn’t. Frankly, a car intended to be driven across perfectly level terrain is hilarious to me.


    It looks like you couldn’t turn without the wheels rubbing on the body panels.

    nate raz

    The car is lowered on airbags- you would raise the height if you were going to drive. It ‘sits down’ when it’s parked.


    It’s a Merc C class with the hood emblem removed.


    I’m pretty sure it’s a Subaru.


    I can’t tell you what make of car it is. But I can tell you it looks like shit.


    all yall are pretty dumb. its lookin like a nissan altima to me.e


    Oh. My. God. It’s a Lada!


    its obviously a riced out maxima.


    This is obviously a nissan judging by the headlights. No self respecting MB owner would ever rice out thier car like this…

    Honky Kong

    2014 Ford Camaro


    you people are idiots that think its a maxima.. its a benz c class with aftermarket headlights (that are ugly as fuck IMO). a benz grill and a bumper are a dead giveaway along with the side mirrors and the door handles


    ok now you’re dumb… mb gas doors are on the passenger side… doesn’t take an idiot to know that… also, keyholes on the back door? negative… whoever drives this car (it may even be a civic..) obviously spent way too much money to hide what it really is…

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