Pagani Zonda ass

zonda_f_full_rear.jpg (106 KB)

hot and sexy Zonda ass

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    Okay it’s a sexy, very sexy car. I still want a Chevy Chevelle circa 1969 big block 0r 350 V8 small block, hardtop, blue with black racing stripes.


    @Puulaahi: Man, my Granddad had an old, beat up Chevelle, when I was knee high to a short duck. I wish my gparents would have kept it, I would’ve liked the chance to buy/mooch/beg it off of them, and fix it up.


    I onced had both the 69 and 70 chevelle. Loved those cars. The 69 was only a 307, but the 70 had a 396, man could she move.


    @twosticks: I drove my grandfathers on a trip in Idaho. I made it burn out going 90 MPH as it shifted gears. My uncle/grandma sold it. Said the frame was bent. I miss my grandpa.He was a total car/motorcycle/grease monkey. He fixed old Husqvarnas as a hobby and owned a good amount of old cars. I want an old Chevy so bad.


    Missing a “y” for CHOCOLATE RAAAAAAAAAAAAIN reference.

    withered spyryt

    Mmmmmm sexy….. i hit it … 4 times! Ha