Beautiful Vengeance

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    I reserve judgment until I know what is supposed to be avenged with this action.


    Apparently the owner of this vehicle parked in the way of the trams…buses? Well, whatever a tram is, it earned him a few free gallons of paint later.

    tiki god

    I would fucking murder whoever did this. MURDER.


    It’s actually the ‘Gay Pride Paint Option’ from BMW to go with such a gay brand of car…


    The BMW being targeted for parking on the path doesn’t make sense as there are cars parked all the way down the street on the same path.

    I suspect that this was personal along the same lines as your girlfriend burning your clothes and breaking all your CDs because she’s mad at you.

    No matter the excuse-this is a serious douche move.


    That video reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Cramer convinces George to park in the handicapped spot!

    Billy Manic

    Car kinda looks douchey. But, who knows.

    fracked again

    Nothing is more chickenshit than screwing with anther mans car.


    +10 internets for the Pulp Fiction reference.


    Who is this “Anther man” of which you speak?

    A new superhero, perhaps?


    Chances are I’d know exactly who I pissed off enough to do something like this. And I wouldn’t call it vengeance, I’d call it vandalism and let the cops deal with it. No sense in escalating to even more stupid acts of vandalism.

    No comments on the previous entry (frivolous lawsuit awards), so I comment here.

    The Winnebago one is a myth!


    BMW has had some really crazy paint jobs in the past. designer editions. i’d just scrape the windows and say it’s by some douche bag artist. LOL i mean, WTF, right? you’re already driving a BMW SUV, so you’re a douche bag, too!


    oh, and i know this person’s pain. i just replaced stolen stereo #7 in the past 19 years of living in the Seattle area. yes, i often think of John Travolta’s famous line….


    The thing I can’t quite figure out is why are both license plates clean?


    Especially the back one – you would think it would be covered


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