This is a playground…

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for kids?

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    Correction: This WAS a playground.

    Now it’s fucking sweet.


    It’s in Russia.


    Russian kids are bad-ass.


    Russians in general are scary fucks. Your average 13-year-old Russian girl can drink the most pickled Irishman straight under the table.

    I’m assuming that penor in that horrifyingly pedo first pic is a slide kids “emerge” from. Exploitable.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Russians are inbred and stupid. They’d like people to be afraid of them but nobody actually is because they’re a bunch of inbred retards.

    I dunno what Russian asshole have been bullshitting HoChunk but Toronto has a whole pathetic Russian area that smells like shit.

    Also they tend to dress like fucking idiots.


    Clearly those are Russian-Canadians, likely identified as a whole new species.



    you may say they are stupid, but those stupid inbreds made the Tzar Bomba…a 27 ton nuke that could be 20 times more powerful than every explosive used in WW2 combined, including Fat Man and Little Boy. But they were nice and tested it at half power, so the fireball was only 8 KILOMETERS ACROSS.

    here’s a link 🙂


    and don’t even start on the Spetsnaz…for a workout they go out into the siberian tundra. naked. and beat the shit out of each other.


    @Blondie: You’re a fool.


    @Blondie: The russians arent the worst problem we have in toronto lol.



    (i had to)


    @Blondie: Many of american scientists are “stupid” russians btw.


    *waits for Kommisar to come in*


    @Blondie: Yeah…I was talking about REAL Russians, not the émigré-reject variety.


    creepy place


    I get it.

    All Russians are inbred, they smell and they dress funny.

    Wait, I’ve heard that one before.

    I really don’t know why I ever took you seriously, on this one, Magnus.


    @RSIxidor: Since we all pointing finger i might as well join in, I agree with you, I think it’s the Canadian part that fucked up the gene pool.
    @dieAntagonista: It’s the vodka.
    I have had a friend told me she went to Moscow and in the metro the people are lifeless, show no vibrant emotions but when the vodka comes on top the table they are like 14 year olds playing spin the bottle. thats pretty sick out.


    @ColombianMonkey: Your friend should stop watching Romero movies, is what I think. I have one word for you: Misconception. A lot of areas in Europe are like that. So? Take my country for example. You know how young the youngest drunk person I have ever seen, was? She was 12 years old. They start drinking at a very early age. It’s legal with 16 so that might explain a little. Then again, the youngest alcoholic I have ever met was 14. Fucking crazy. Russians aren’t one person that fits the description you have heard or read about. Just like with… Read more »


    @dieAntagonista: I’m so used to hear/see stories of alcohol abuse on my island with underage boys and girls that it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I think you left out a very important detail to your statement on close minded people. well as how i see it and it’s 2am and didn’t sleep for 2 days so bear with me on this, that these people are influenced by the media. these things they see on tv. ofcourse never 100% but media has a big impact on these close minded people. ~~ the project i was talking to you about yesterday that… Read more »


    @ColombianMonkey: Hey I never said close minded people aren’t brainwashed by the media. That’s a given. But in the end, people choose to be lazy and stupid. For the most part anyway. I have no respect for that, I understand how it works, it’s interesting, but a bigot who thinks all blacks are criminals is just as bad to me as a fundamentalist Christian who tells his son he’s going to go to hell because he’s gay. It’s also interesting how you bring up Muslims and what they have done, supposedly. Those aren’t things that you hear every day, I… Read more »


    @dieAntagonista: I noes you don’t say it. but in this state right now. thats what i see.

    never saw that video but saw a terrorist hacksawing some guys head while blood is going off like a water hose. it was cool.

    but never have I come to the conclusion that all Russians are Nazis who want to behead Muslims.
    See how it works?
    It’s not so hard.

    why are you baiting me? I can see you’re the type that likes to push buttons lol

    jesus jesus jesus.

    Me voy a dormir ahora. hasta mañana!


    quite amazing. MUST GO!!!!