Bird Mech?

No idea where this was inspired from. Looks sort of like Mazinger but the Penguin head is just weird. And the troops look like the ones from Getter Robo. But it’s funny!


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    Alec Dalek

    No, it’s Danguard Pigeon!


    I think that’s actually a Prinny from the Disgaea series. Funny little fellows.


    i designed this mech, i have it in the making actually


    The colors of the mech reminds me of Optimus Prime.


    Yeah, it’s a prinny. That guy called it… and it’s from the game Makai Kingdom which came after Disgaea, and was just before Disgaea 2. (There are like… 3 or 4 others inbetween I’m not sure)

    Anyway, in Makai kingdom you could actually pilot mechs and tanks and such. They operated under a different stat system… and ironically the characters with the highest ability to operate them were Prinnys. They finally had their day in a game.

    Alec Dalek

    I remember when anime was cool. We need more fighting super robots!