Bye Bye Hostage Lady

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    I am studying Krav Maga. That guy is about to get F’d up. The move is to push his left shoulder forward and pull his right (gun) hand back at the same time. This will create a spasmodic jerk in his right hand and he’ll shoot himself in the head.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You’ve got to be careful, though. I had a manager who claimed to be a former Army hand-to-hand combat instructor. He bragged about being about to disarm anyone who got within arms reach and when we’d practice with dart guns, it seemed pretty effective. But then he tried it for real when someone pulled a gun in our shop and ended up shot in the gut.


    Nozzle, eh? Working with hoses or guns?


    @The Matrix: Rebooted
    They try to cover most of the bases in H2H instruction. Sometimes common-sense has to set in. Especially when you are at a disadvantage.

    :Very true. We are taught how to check odds in a confrontation. If the odds are not going to be in your favor, give up the money but still count the odds. Any transaction between you and the assailant can increase your odds.


    can’t help but notice he’s using a Walther


    I’ve trained in KM for several years. Pretty fun.


    supposedly a perfect shot placement to the “medulla oblongata” would switch off bad-guy’s electric systems, and he wouldn’t react with a clench thereby preventing involuntary trigger pull.


    *floorboard creak*

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca





    I still think a 110kg gym head who regularly lifts twice his body weight will overcome a 60kg geek with technique. Gets a bit different after 8 years of training etc but I hate these people who’ve done it for 9months/a year who come out with stuff like “bigger guys are easier, use strength against them” or “big or small, if your thumb’s being broken you’re going to crumble” – a pair of hands that lift 280kg deadlifts, a pair of legs that push 300kg from floor to shoulder, your not going to be able to A: get past a… Read more »