Mass Effect Tali unmasked

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    tiki god



    …i’ll still hit


    I’m pretty sure this is inaccurate. She more than likely looks like a damn bird. She has bird feet.


    She does, damn it. Look at her fucking feet.

    Alec Dalek

    Doesn’t prove she’s a bird. She’s not human so she could have any number of variations from humanoid form. However, don’t forget, her people created the Geth in their own image, and the Geth don’t look like birds either.


    They kind of do, perhaps not exactly. In fact, I’d say the Geth even sort of look a bit like dinosaurs in some ways. Of course, that doesn’t explain why she would have boobies. It doesn’t seem that likely to me that aliens would exhibit mammalian characteristics, but it’s in a lot of science fiction that way. Boobies are awesome, so I want aliens to have boobies. And damn do I like her hips, too. Boobies.

    According to the ME wiki, they have endoskeletons. Their legs bow backwards. I guess they could be bugs instead.


    Bugs have EXOskeletons. Meaning on the outside. An endoskeleton is on the inside… like a mammal. And now you know!


    Derp on the endoskeleton part.


    If Tali looks like that, why do I feel so dirty for banging her?


    Compare the size of that head to the size of the helmet. Now realize that if this is true, Tali is two midgets inside a suit.


    Even better! Twice the fun. 🙂


    Aren’t she suppose to die without the suit, or something ?


    Being exposed to open atmosphere doesn’t automatically result in death for Quarians. It’s just that their weak immune systems allow them to get very sick very quickly. Without medical attention after being exposed, they could die of whatever diseases they contract.

    Unless they prepare for being outside of their suit with the proper medications, like Tali does when you seal the deal with her in ME2. The worst she got was a case of the sniffles, “which was well worth it,” I might add.

    Did I mention I recently started my third playthrough?


    Retconned you say ? Oh well, I didn’t like reading about the changes in ME 2, guess I won’t be experiencing them.


    That’s a mistake. ME2 is fucking awesome.