G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Posters

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Duke, Ripcord, The Baroness, Scarlett and Snake Eyes!

Remind me of the Matrix posters. Anyhow Scarlett looks sexy and Snake Eyes looks badass. Still up in the air about this movie however. First real trailer comes out during Superbowl Sunday.

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    You know what I love?

    Black mother fucking Ripcord.

    Gary Generic

    Any movie with the phrase “rise of” after a colon seems to be something I may have enjoyed when I was eight:

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
    Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
    Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj

    I’m not expecting a lot from this movie. Maybe a decent line or two.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “Still up in the air about this movie however.”?


    You didn’t see Van Helsing then? Because Mr Sommers has a habit of managing to actually barf shit.

    Stuart Beattie is great but I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this.

    I’m hoping for at best a decent movie whose biggest failure is not being a GI JOE movie so much as a rudimentary action movie with the name GI JOE.


    It’s very possible that Marlon Wayans will be giving one of the more annoying performances this year. Be prepared…


    The first pic looks like batman’s fancy armor from the newer movies.


    mAgnUS makes one really good point. This could very easily be another movie branded with a 1980s nostalgia name, but having little to no real connectedness to the original. Sure the characters might have the same names, but unless they capture the same personalities and feel of the original, this could be another I Spy/Mission Impossible/Miami Vice, etc.


    I’ll line up for this. I am expecting to be disappointed and if it does indeed suck, i’m gonna piss off the others in the audience by booing loudly, cheering for Cobra, and frequently shouting WUTDAFUCK! until I am tossed out kicking and screaming. I also intend to eat a heroic dose of psilocybin mushrooms beforehand as well. So even if it does suck, I just might FUCKING LOVE IT anyway/ Playing Gi Joes with my brother as a kid, I was always Cobra. In our world, the Baroness was the real power, and Serpentor and Cobra Commander and Destro… Read more »


    @sylvanish: Sold on eBay??!! I can’t even imagine it. I didn’t play GI Joe or any dolls really, but I still have every lego, train, car, k’nex, erector set and whatever else that belonged to me hubby and kiddies. I have a room in the basement for all of them. Offhand I’d say at least 20 large tubs full. My youngest still pulls out the legos now and then to build some monstrosity and the trains come out every xmas, even if we don’t put up a tree. I wonder how much they’re worth.


    GI Joe AND one of the wayans bros?? I’m so there.


    come on it has dennis quaid in in you know its going to rock hes so good at acting


    I would have to wait to see the trailer for this one as well, but than again I thought the trailer for Max Payne was a little good but the movie turned out god awful.


    G. I. Generic.

    I’m not sure how Scarlett “looks sexy” (according to the caption)—you can’t see her body underneath the hardsuit, or much of her face. Are molded kevlar tits passing for sexy now?

    None of these characters looks that much different from any other. I liked G. I. Joe because the Joes had unique looks, while the Cobra forces were mostly cannon fodder in lookalike uniforms. It’d be like making all the Thundercats one type of cat. I don’t want an all-tiger Thundercat lineup, and I don’t want an all-black-suited Joe lineup.


    Yeah so the armor suit is sexy, but you could put any flat-chested saggy-boobed dog in it. Could be anyone in there.


    Anything with a Wayans in it is doomed to failure.


    this is overrated..


    I could be wrong, happens alot, but didn’t I hear that GI Joe isn’t an American group? Instead they are supposed to be some multi-national strike team sorta thing? Like a UN that actually does something, but with worse aim?


    @Dral: I heard something like that too. But GI Joe was always very international, character wise. The americanism was rather superficial and pointless at any given time.


    i think it was nyokki who proved in another post about the history of G.I. Joe who was an actual american… sauce???


    Again with the generic black costumes? I didn’t like them in the X-Men movies, and I’m not liking them here. Where are the camouflage pants, the olive greens, the khakis, and all the wacky colors that would make you a walking colors on the battlefield? These certainly ain’t the colors of the Joes we grew up with. *sigh*


    @nyokki: yes there ^^


    Stephen Sommers went to the same university I went to. It’s all over the school’s literature about how he went there. I always shook my head in shame. Why would the school want to be associated with the man who directed “The Mummy” and “Van Helsing.” He’s a shitty writer, and a shitty director.