Forbidden Planet Couple

Forbidden Planet Couple

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    Leslie Neilsen & Anne Francis

    “.. at the late night, double feature, picture show –
    in the back row (Yeah back row!!)”


    Busy posting my own comment and missed yours; got that song playing over and over in my head now. Haven’t seen RHPS in ages; weekly veteran of the Sena Mall showing in Metairie, just outside of New Orleans.


    Weekly RHPS veteran Parkade Cinemas, Manchester CT (1981-1985); ready to throw toast at (and scream at) the screen.

    Best one-liner:
    During the teaser trailer to John Carpenters ‘The Thing’
    Narrator: “100,000 years ago, something crash landed on our planet..” huge spaceship flys by screen
    {I SCREAM}”Oh look!! It’s Ronald Regan!”

    Audience lost it.. FTW


    Love this movie; watch it at least once a year. I hear there’s a remake in the works (actually surprised it took this long); here’s hoping they don’t fuck it up.


    Great movie.


    In an age where scifi was still trying to find its wings, this movie helped a bit.


    Many have seen the parallels with “STAR TREK”. A great double-feature (picture show…) is to watch this along with “THE CAGE”, the original STAR TREK pilot with Jeffrey Hunter.


    I was scrolling through quick and I swear, I thought Leslie Neilsen there was Nathon Fillion.

    If it weren’t a risk of typecasting, they should get him to play John J. Adams in the movie. Of course, that’s only if it doesn’t conflict with Warner Bros/DC/whoever having a freaking clue and casting him as Hal Jordan…


    Nathan Fillion FTW


    Awesome Movie. I think its the first sci-fi one to use an Hyperdrive… and Anne Francis is HOT!!!

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