The Difference Between DC and Marvel

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    Needs a mic drop at the end.


    Let’s see. Black Widow has been in like 5 movies doing a great job redefining the concept of “Mary Sue,” easily defeating a whole bunch of nameless thugs without ever getting so much as a single hair out of place. Oh, yeah, she got “shot” in Cap 2, but it was probably a “plot-device” bullet, because ten seconds latter she was back doing her “girl-fu” on the villains again. Female Thor? Are you aware that Thor is the guy’s name, right? Not his nickname, not his callsign, but the dude’s actual Odin-given name. Are you saying that Thor himself suddenly… Read more »


    I’m guessing both DC AND Marvel rejected your screenplay. Either that or you just didn’t get hugged enough as a child.

    Chet Manley

    Time for you to run away again, graceless.


    This really reads as if you don’t like comic books and comic book movies. Black Widow was in 3 movies. But that is nitpicking. To answer your question about Thor. Yes, Thor grew ovaries. This is the same Thor who has always been Thor but now he is a woman. Don’t forget they made Thor a frog for time and Loki was once a female horse. You seem to have a problem with superheroes of ethnicity. I like the idea of Captain America passing off the shield to a hero of color. A Latina Ghost Rider makes a lot of… Read more »


    He didnt grow ovaries, he did something wich makes him no longer worthy to wield the hammer. Male Thor is still around with all his powers and stuff

    tiki god

    You’re right about the current one, yes:

    “No longer is the classic Thunder God able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, and a brand new female hero will emerge worthy of the name THOR. “

    tiki god

    Black Fury was spec’d on Sam Jackson in the comics, looked like him and everything when they first brought him in


    i like the part where he says “dont get me wrong”.


    Marvel always did have balls.
    DC…not so much.


    Marvel put out 3 Iron Mans, 2 Thors, 2 Captain Americas, 2 Hulks, 5 Spidermans and Avengers (2nd filming) before they decided to agree to a Black Widow movie. DC has put out 3 Batmans, Green Lantern, and Superman. So if we use Marvels schedual, DC has 8 more movies before they have to vaguely consider a female-lead movie. Green Lantern, Cyborg and Vixen are black, Ras and Captain Marvel are Egyptian. Bat Woman, Montoya, Apollo, Alan Scott, and about 50 others are openly gay (the gay wedding had nothing to do with the gay part, the entire comic shes… Read more »



    tiki god

    there’s been no green light on a Black Widow movie afaik.


    i think there were 6 supermans.


    and 7 batmans i think


    The Batwoman thing is bullshit, DC don’t want ANY of their characters to get married, it has nothing to do with her being gay. (I was pretty pissed about the Batwoman walk off though It was one of my favourite comics) It also doesn’t mention Simon Baz the muslim Green Lantern. Also you aren’t basing any of this on the comics/films actually being good. Just because they’ve got some token minority characters doesn’t automatically make them good reads, rather than shouting “LOOK GUYS THORS A WOMAN NOW!” they should be advertising it on how entertaining it will be instead of… Read more »