Punisher Movie Posters

Punisher Movie Posters

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    I haven’t seen any, but I automatically like the third one the best, from the trailers at least. Punisher is a 1 dimensional character who kills bad guys and thats that. What more do we need?


    i tried to watch the last two.. couldn’t.

    tiki god

    you could watch the first one from the 80’s, which btw, he never even put on the punisher costume, but you didn’t watch the third one? that was the best out of all three of them. the middle one sucked the most because they fucked with his origin story. fucking cuban drug lords instead of NYC mafia? fuck that.


    It started with bad dialog, shitty accents and cheesy special effects (the gore). I found it very boring.


    You realize that he said that he tried to watch the last two, and couldn’t; not that he watched the first one and could, but then tried to watch the last two, and couldn’t? Subtle (like a ton of bricks) difference there. While I’m old enough to have seen the first one in theaters (although I didn’t, marvel movies (and superhero movies in general) were crap. Most people have gone through life without knowing about Punisher’s (or Captain America’s) 80’s terrible movies.


    The third one is the most true to the comics. Castle is a cold, non-talkative murder machine that brutally slaughters bad guys. Lots and lots of bad guys. It’s a triumph of comic movie making that also results in a commercial failure. I love it.

    The first two…not bad.


    The first one sucked balls hard and deep. The second one was good in it’s own right. Solid enough story and decent acting. The third was over the top awesome though. How the punisher was meant to be.


    Proving that a badass movie poster doesn’t mean shit.


    Dolph is never good at anything but I’m willing to recognize him a bit more for his He-Man portrayal than Punisher’s.

    The Punisher is a fine action movie, no what you want from a comic-book-based movie but if you’re willing to ignore the Marvel label, it’s an entertaining movie.

    The Punisher: War Zone is just all-out fuck-your-mother’s-asshole gore-packed action. Which is what Punisher is all about.


    I’m still amazed that Dolph Lundgren has a doctorate in chemical engineering, is a two time European martial arts champion, and can act well enough to land film rolls. (Acting is so much harder than you think it is). He reportedly has an IQ of 160.

    The dude from Rocky IV. “I must break you.” Genius athlete actor. Still have a hard time accepting it.

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