Then it Smells

chipotle.gif (103 KB)

How my 4 year old interpreted the Chipotle napkin from dinner

First your hold the burrito
Then you open it and take a bite
Then it smells.

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    Awww and hahahahahahhahaha


    That’s so funny I’m going to reread it 10 more times.


    i dont get it…. i wish i did

    Gary Generic

    If you think it smells bad when you first eat, wait eight minutes after you’re done.


    @Gary Scenario: i lol’d


    Hahah. 4 year olds FTW!


    Hahaha cute! BUT I can see a potential problem: If he from now on thinks that “heat-rays” like this means smell… how about other things with heat rays on them? My first thought was hand-dryes, you know the ones where you “push button, receive bacon” as someone has wrote on a famous picture. He would then say “push button, get smelly hands”?


    watch what you say, flyingcat88. you dont want to fuck with your bacon karma. the thing is that the smell of bacon is nearly equivalent to actual bacon. some would even argue that the smell of bacon is the true essence of the bacon. therefore the two are interchangeable in certain situations. ‘push button, receive awesomeness’ i’ll talk to the appropriate parties to let them know that your little bacon faux pas is overlooked. but i am not sure i can convince them a second time. if i were you i would just leave bacon the fuck alone in the… Read more »