Super Mario – Will It Take Off?


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    And yes… because the P meter will fill up and then all our plumber must do is jump and then mash the A button.


    This post is comprised entirely of Win and Nintendo

    We shall call it Wintendo.


    Fly Mario FLY


    Now this is the kind of “physics” argument that I could get involved in. This is great.


    NO! IMPOSSIBLE! A completely 2D object trying to walk on a 3d surface? He will fall down and slide under the mill, forever trapped. Besides, the probability that some random enemy will pop up and kill Mario is more than enough to make it implausible for him to get enough triangles to get the ‘P’ to fly!


    How the hell do you think Nintendo powered the side scrolling universe to begin with?


    No. The facts are, a raccoon tail needs air movement in order to gain lift, and there would be no air movement on a treadmill. Maybe if there was a 2-D fan blowing air at Mario his tail could gain the requisite lift to fly him away.


    But couldn’t he always “Paper mario” to the alternate 2D plane, walk over to the non-rolling portion of the treadmill, and shift back along the X axis, then run off?


    They didn’t have that kind of technology in SMB3. But it doesn’t matter if he can take off anyways, he’s just going to get two flutes and skip right to world 8…

    t. durden

    Why tiki, must you bring another one, we aren’t done arguing over the first experiment 🙂


    I hate to burst the bubble of anyone that says ‘Hell no’; but ‘Yes, he would’.

    One of the oldest Mario Bros. 3 tricks was to build up ‘just’ enough P-meter on a small platform was to run, jump, turn in the air, and run back the other way until you’d achieved enough speed to fly with.

    This would make things considerably easier by comparison.


    You Just Had To Post That Huh Tiki? Oh And The First Experiment Should Have Been Over Before The Question Was Asked.