What a DEAL!

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Not a bad deal at all, that is, if you can meet all the terms and conditions!(read the fine print)
Found this here:
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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    None of that fine print is unusual.

    tiki god

    that was my thought as well, so what’s the big deal about this?

    Rage 0

    You can own not one but TWO cars from a company on the brink of bankruptcy! You never planned on using that warranty thing anyway, right?

    tiki god

    considering that my $20,000 F-150’s warrenty wasn’t worth the fecal matter it was created from, no. I do not plan on using the warrenty at any time.

    I say :

    Fuck University Chevrolet. They fucked me over and are bad people. I will never buy from them again, and neither should you!


    The only thing I can see as odd in the fine print is the “Offer valid on day of publication only” item. Wouldn’t that have already passed?


    The “Must finance thru CFS with approved credit.” thing is bullshit. I would definitely want to choose who I finance my car purchase from on my own.

    Alec Dalek

    United States: nobody wants to buy your crappy cars anymore. There’s no conspiracy, no mystical forces or sunspot activity, you moved your factories to third world countries and now the cars suck.


    its because chrysler-jeep-dodge are going out of business…well merging with GM…not like its going to help them anyways…i work for gm and well there all going down hill