Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew – Authentic Pirate Hip Hop


Currently advertising at the bottom of the page is Captain Dan. I clicked through, cause I was like wtf. And then I clicked “play all” had a lol moment and then bought the album. You should listen to this. It’s like nerdcore, but with pirates. Yeah. Pirates.

I’m going to have pirate rap playing from my truck at the stop light. Yeah, I’m that guy.

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    i trikyodz and i approve this ………..
    whatever it is
    i like it


    I am just listening to track 1, and this is almost cool enough to make me change my mind to Pirates in the “Ninja’s vs Pirates” battle. Almost…


    oooo when the capt’n finds out about this somebody named schulzbrianr will be walking the plank.


    oooo hardcore fuck up, I thought schulzbrianr was a cool person 🙁


    You have to have reflexes like a jungle cat. Like a ninja. Like a ninja cat. You need to be half cat, half ninja. Maybe, 60/40 ninja?



    Besides im currently pirating Dan the pirate

    But with only 1 host… it may take a while, dan better have some bangin’ bass

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    there are free two minute samples of most of the songs on the linked website, so there’s really no need to pirate. other than, for irony’s sake.


    But wouldn’t pirating these pirates song’s make them irate?


    wheres my rum


    vote for Ron Paul or you’re a scurvy pirate!


    well i got the whole album on mp3 now if anybody wants them

    “All the real swashbuckler throw your hooks in the air, and wave them all around like you just don’t care”

    and that “my cannon” song has a pretty cool beat to it.