Music and Relationships Diagram

s.gif (13 KB)

Blue: Music I like.
Red: Music you like.
Purple: Music I used to fucking like.

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    tiki god

    I never got this kind of elitism. If I like music, I’m not going to stop liking it just because some douche bag wannabe asshole likes it too, right?

    tiki god

    holy mother fuck, the dude on “The IT Crowd” is wearing this as a shirt.

    I came.


    I was just about to post the same thing I saw this shirt in The IT Crowd today. Pretty funny.


    I’m seein an advert with this exact image right below this image.


    I’ve been seeing mostly religious ads ever since the moldy bible posting. I agree with Tiki about the elitism. On the other hand, I stopped enjoying the doors when a friend discovered them and started playing them incessantly.



    People grow and change as well as their tastes. For example, I used to love KoRn back in 1998, it grew stale to me by 2003 or so but it happened to be around the same time other people around here began to like it.

    KoRn’s one of the many bands this example applies to, and it makes me look like an asshole everytime I say “Oh…yeah I don’t like them anymore”.


    What the fuck, you guys get the IT crowd.

    I thought most of you lot were yanks!

    You’re talking about the original british version, right?

    Thats been my favourite show since first episode of first series ever man.

    I went to see what we believed was the first ep of the third series get filmed a little while back. It wasnt the one i watched yesterday though! they must use it later on or something. Fucking funny though


    IT Crowd owns. Even if they keep Moss for the US version I wouldn’t watch it.

    It’s a shame the seasons are so short (6 episodes only).