Key Buouy

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    Solution looking for a problem.


    This was on The Apprentice…

    i beLieve it faiLed cos the guy who was trying to seLL the idea was Like, “So,if You’re on Your yacht and Your keys faLL over the side…”

    Yeah…we don’t have yachts retards


    Don’t look now, SonicX, but your ‘l’ seems to be stuck in uppercase. Dirty keyboard?

    Snarky Parker


    You never know who on MCS might have a yacht…to blow up for recreation.


    shoop de WOOOOOOOP

    imma chargin mah lazer

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Yahct’s have keys?

    I thought you just pushed a button cause the motor is only strong enough to put out where you can catch some wind.


    Its not recreation Michael, its an ILLUSION!


    What if there is a strong undercurrent or open ocean current? FAIL

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You don’t need to be rich to sail a yacht. I’m a member of a yacht club that for $90 a year I can reserve a boat and take it out sailing whenever.
    But yeah, you have to be a idiot to lose your keys overboard.


    I know people how have lost keys on a 16 ft hobie cat.. so you don’t really need a yacht to need this product. this would be cool if my keys didn’t have a battery and such.


    Micheal:’the seaward’s gotta go.’
    Lucille:’I’ll go when i’m good and ready!’



    fuck yeah. i wants in that club, ‘boot.

    also, dekay, wouldn’t you gladly trade a battery to be able to find the keys you just tossed into the ocean?


    I was just thinking that the remote would be ruined and that’s the expensive part of my keys anyways.

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