Jess Dixon in his flying automobile

Jess Dixon in his flying automobile.jpg (19 KB)

c. 1940
Built by Jess Dixon of Andalusia, Ala. Can fly forward, backward or straight up or hover in the air. Runs on road or flys across country. 40 H.P. motor, air cooled, speeds to 100 m.p.h.

Jess Dixon in his flying automobile

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    i feel quite ripped off right now

    tiki god

    is this that flying car that we’ve been hearing so much about?

    where’s mine?


    At first glance the front looked like a shopping cart.
    This would be fun…the perfect vehicle for me to go back and forth to work in, except in the winter.


    Would love to see how it would perform in windy weather.


    Also, his hat must be on tight.


    His head is pressed against the top beam so the hat doesn’t fly off, I’d wager.


    I believe it’s an autogyro and they have been around forever, it’s like the forerunner to the helicoptor. Problem with these home builds is they are not safe. Back in the 60’s you could buy a kit to build your own one of these using a lawnmower engine, people were crashing them and dying because they were too stupid to fit a fuel gague.


    Nothing so odd as a autogyro. It would have to have a prop to do that. This is a counter rotating helicopter design. Probably way more dangerous than an autogyro.