Water fortresses

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Just finished reading “World War Z”; the notion of zombies being able to cover distances underwater was a new one for me.

I’d go with the last for overall effectiveness against a subsurface zombie horde –although it’d be mitigated by the need for a helicopter just to access it.

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    Well sure, if you don’t mind Death Eaters escaping.


    agreed. the third option (based on the non-climbing zombies in the book, not the movie) would be the safest option for your water fortress. i have to remind you however, that you would also be facing packs of raiding humans, some armed with heavy weapons and explosives, who would want your fortress, and if you would not lend them access to it, a few strategically placed bundles of C4 would take out that one column quite nicely.


    why not just use a boat, you can move it to safe territory and not be a sitting duck. even if zombies can swim, they couldn’t outrun even a house barge

    fracked again

    Doesn’t matter. In World War Z, Zeds get bloated with decomposition gases and float. Eventually, they sink and wander the deep. When you are at anchor, they come up the chain or rope, either from the seabed or from the waterline. If somebody on board has a bite and isn’t caught before the infection kills them, you are fucked. Then there is the problem with refueling and stocking clean water and food. The Chinese in a nuke sub did about as well as any group that used ships to stay safe. They grew vegetables in some of the rooms, fertilized… Read more »


    what’s the place on the second photo?

    Luke Magnifico

    The third one looks like it needs a lot more maintenance than the others, maintenance that you probably won’t have the resources or knowhow to conduct. Second or first are fine, even if they float along the water’s surface how are they going to climb up?



    how did Sealand not make the cut?


    I have a old book called “how to start your own country” that features Sealand and about 100 other self-declared countries. It’s dry – but still one of my pre-internet gems. The printer went out of business so you can download it here:



    what’s the first one?