Mystery Spot Thongs

IMG_0865.JPG (69 KB)

I get wicked motion sickness so I wasn’t very amused by the visual tricks offered at the Mystery Spot. I was however amused by their thongs.

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    I looked at the site… that place looks crazy….


    I took that as meaning thongs that had a “mystery spot” on them…..


    This is a place like this near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. I went there as a kid and can say some weird shit happens there. I remember seeing water run up hill and standing at an angle. I also think there was a place that if you and another person both stood next to each other the person who stood in one particular spot would always seem taller no matter how tall they were.


    So, did the thongs have mystery spots on them?


    The thongs at the Santa Cruz, CA mystery spot are black and say “Mystery Spot” on the front. Its a relatively funny joke. However, if you actually buy one or two, chances are its because you don’t want the spot to be all that mysterious…

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