Sarah Palin

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Palin 2012

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    Palin 2012 = The World laughs her ass off of the world stage AGAIN.


    I hope she runs. There is no way she will win and it will make it easier for dems to stay in power.


    I hope she runs, so they make more porn parodies.

    Jesus Christ

    I never thought of this, but because I actually really don’t have faith in the mentality of the general voter population, I hope she doesn’t.


    It’s likely that the repubs will take back the both houses and that really pisses me off. Normally, I wouldn’t really care, but this latest bunch are insanely stupid.


    I heard bj’s in Idaho at her last school in college. Pulling train for the team. She’ll be fun to follow – maybe a new way of throwing the election. Or is that throating?


    Is that quit I smell?

    But seriously, she’s married to a secessionist. He’ll never live in the White House. I have no idea why the media, which is obviously liberal, has never brought this up, or the fact she’s been a keynote speaker for them.

    When did we get this Freeptard submitter anyway?

    /bendy straws!
    //Africa is a country, dagnubbit!


    In what respect, Charlie?

    fracked again

    Its because the media isn’t liberal. Its lazy.


    What is wrong with being a secessionist?


    Doesn’t matter, unless you want to be VP or President (head of the FEDERAL gov’t) of the country you want to recede from.


    ROFLMAO!!! That was the funniest bit I’ve read on MCS in months. The woman couldn’t even complete one term as Governor and she’s running for President. And I’m scared to death?

    Hour-long diatribe on small town virtues? sure!
    Name a major newspaper? No can do!

    Scared? Sure, scared I’ll die laughing!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Then why attack her so much? You’re not scared and instead are just sadists?

    You think she’s a retard right? So when you see an actual retarded person do you make fun of them and follow them around laughing?

    If she’s so stupid and harmless then why bother worrying so much?


    Stupid? Yes. Harmless? I hope.


    If Sarah Palin is the best Republicans have you people are screwed. But the truth is only the radical Republicans that watch Fox News 24/7 and go to Tea Parties to get tea bagged follow her. So I find what you are saying there hilarious rainman.

    In fact everything you say is hilarious.


    You do realize that those “radicals” make up a huge chunk of the country? And have influence through friends & family on an even larger part?


    Yes and that is disconcerting.

    Tiggle Bitties

    you know, with obama, you could at least make a big scary word out of his name; OBAM-ination. palin? not so much. you could say she’s PALIN in comparison *guffaw*


    Why don’t you type out Palin’s middle name as well, you racist piece of shit. What was that about trying to ridicule people again? Isn’t there any random African you can compare the First Lady to? Take your own advice, dipshit. And correct me if I’m wrong: Even republicans think Palin is a joke. “She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president? Look at what she’s done to this state. What would she do to the nation?” ? Alaska State Senate President Lyda Green, who is a Republican “Paul dismisses her… Read more »


    Sarah Louise Palin

    Ron Paul is a libertarian, not the same this as a Republican or a Conservative. IT is like trying to compare Nancy Pelosi to Senator Lieberman, or the (late) Senator Byrd (a KKK member) to Al Sharpton.

    Palin went after a large number of dirty republicans, and ran them out of office. It can not be that hard to find ones that don’t like her.


    Ron Paul is considered a Republican Congressman and I don’t really care if that bothers you.

    I chose Ron Paul because I like him and his politics. The first quote was by any republican, the second one by a republican that I embrace for good measure.

    Also you can say Sarah Louise Palin all you want, you also called Obama “our colored president”, I’m not impressed. Maybe if you had said in the past, “Alaska’s white governor”, but that would sound just silly right?


    I already addressed your poll. Argumentum ad populum is a fallacy. Which means I don’t agree with your use of said poll (“IF Palin is so bad, and obama is 1 point from her, what’s that say about him ??”)

    If you can’t make fallacy free arguments for why Palin is better, there’s nothing to argue about.

    Since you ignored my comment about you using a fallacious argument, am I to assume you’re either a racist liar or just a really unfunny guy who can’t argue? Never mind, I don’t actually care.


    It’s not like you have engaged with anyone in a sincere debate so far. Your comments have been almost entirely a one way communication, you spam without citing your sources and seem incapable of using the “Reply” button.

    So it’s not looking good for you and it’s becoming hard to fight all natural instincts and not call you a cretin.


    No, if they don’t contain lies then no. However MCS is not your personal propaganda playground, and unless you haven’t noticed, you won’t convince anyone with said one way communication. Nor is it intellectually honest to call others juvenile when you have been ridiculing the parties you disapprove of because of their ethnicity, however subtle that critique may be.

    Lastly, about the polls you have mentioned, argumentum ad populum is a fallacy. So whatever, proceed with your “facts.”


    Good job ignoring every relevant point I made. I’m not interested in one way communications and you’ll have trouble finding many people on here who are, thank you.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Wow more bullshit leftist prop. Bravo ladies, you look like lunatics again. Yes yes I get it. You have a monstrous and predatory campaign in the media against anyone who disagrees with you. In the off shoots there are people so weak and scared they jump into the deep end of the stupidity and lies and won’t stop flailing around screaming and crying for attention. Its fucking pathetic. Don’t like her? Don’t vote her. That’s it. Don’t worry about everyone else. Just grow up and handle your own shit. And if you’re not even in this country then g’damn what… Read more »


    Then why do you say B.Hussein Obama but not Sarah Louise Palin. And why do you equate the First Lady with some random African woman who carries stuff on her head.

    So let me guess, you seduced your black girlfriends by asking them if they were related to Michelle Obama, right? I’m sure black girls fall for that all the time.

    fracked again

    Your sense of humor stinks.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The current definition of racism seems to be anything not agreeing with anti white statements. I’m not sure when one racism replaced the more sensible one but here we are. If that chick was black she’d be looked at as a hero. That’s true and everyone knows it. If Barry weren’t half black he wouldn’t be president. The political sphere in America suffered a lot of damage during this presidency simply because someone thought he could run a country but was dangerously unqualified but he got voted in anyway when his party preyed on the white guilt seeds sewn into… Read more »


    …and the previous 200+ years of generally dangerously unqualified gents don’t count? No single person is ever qualified for such a position of power. It’s the whole point of our governmental set-up. We do the best we can w/ what we get. Sometimes it works out better than others. So far, I’m not completely disappointed.


    You’re a dude? I seriously thought you were some middle aged woman who gets her news from emails, NRO and freerepublic. Your talking points go hand in hand with them.


    Are you serious?


    Sounds the part. Sound like one of those people who get their “news” from the internets because the TV is too liberal. Flag shirts are mandatory apparel.

    Spent some time on those sites and your faith in humanity decreases every click.


    the pissed off 2nd place beauty queen is quite determined to win this contest! gawd- can you imagine her running the country? we’d all have to chant and speak in tongues. (She does this in prayer, you know… evangelical christian upbringing).


    rainman97361 is going to bring so many lolz come election time. Please keep the blinders on dude for LOLZ sake. ROFLOUSAPOLARIZEDPOLITICS


    I almost miss diabeetus.


    Just to answer the question posed in the pic: No that isn’t fear, it’s the shit filling up your panties at the extreme likelihood of Obama being in office through 2016. Get the fuck over it.