Google wireless

tisp_diagram.gif (27 KB)

Nanobots in my toilet?

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    Wasn’t this last year’s Google april fool prank? Pretty obvious and thus pretty stupid, if you ask me.

    T G Geko

    I don’t… I dont understand whats happening.


    Google proposed a free high speed internet based system, that required Setting up an underwater router in your septic system. Should you be in a rural area, you would have to flush your ethernet cable, at which point a google specialist would retrieve it, and plug it in for you.

    Revenue would be generated via the cable itself, which displayed relevant ads on webpages you visited based on your dietary habits.


    It’s a pun on a real-life “last-mile” delivery system whereby the ISP would transmit radio waves down the natural gas lines leading up to the house. It seems like a nice idea, but I think the frequency that they had to use in order to have it stay in the pipes with no leakage was pretty slow by cable-broadband standards.

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