Sinking ship

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I like the water. Fake, but awesome.

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    The ship has already sunk.


    Why is it fake? Wtf is it with people caling pictures of sunken ships fake? God damn, you know a lot of people are perfectly capable of taking good photos without the use of photoshop.


    Probably because no water has ever been that calm, or that thick of a shade of blue.


    Water gets that calm. It’s called a dead calm, when there is no wind and swell. The Pacific Ocean gets like that occasionally, where there is barely a ripple.


    Fine, I’ll concede that point, but why does the water look like paint and why is the color so thick?


    The water looks painted because there was a long exposure while taking the picture, as evidenced by the clouds in the sky.


    This seems like the most logical explanation. Danke. 😀


    Hence the misnomer.


    Most of the time the ocean appears to be blue because this is the color our eyes see. But the ocean can be many other colors depending upon particles in the water, the depth of the water, and the amount of skylight. The colors we see depend upon the reflection of the visible wavelengths of light to our eyes. The Franklin Institute provides a good explanation of how we see color at Wavelengths of light pass through matter differently depending on the material’s composition. Blue wavelengths are transmitted to greater depths of the ocean, while red wavelengths are absorbed… Read more »


    If it’s reflecting the blue sky then it should also be reflecting the tower of the boat instead of just a shadow.


    If you look at the Mooring bits (those mushrooms they tie ropes to) you will see no shadow being cast in the same direction as the supposed ships shadow. Also even though the water is relatively still there is still surface movements, and combine that in with the long exposure ( see that one guys post) you will get a blurred reflection. You can also see the lights from the ship behind it being reflected on the surface as well.


    Very cool! Thanks to everyone for posting pics & comments. Big thanks to Tiki for creating this Confined Space!!!


    Maybe he forgot the park brake


    One reason the water looks the way it does is because this is a long exposure – the shutter was open for maybe 10 seconds or more. This can make the water look soft and blurry just like the clouds do. You wouldn’t see this scene the same way with the naked eye. The camera took in a whole lot of light in a dark environment to make it look the way it does.


    You’re all wrong. It’s a boat.


    It’s the USS. America


    It’s a time exposure – that explains the look of the water and the streaking of the clouds. ohmybob is right.

    I won’t bore you with a discussion about reciprocity and what it does to color on the characteristic curve, but this is clearly a time exposure. Just a combination of time, aperture, depth of field, reciprocity and modulation transfer function. Translation – shuter open a long time.