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I’m not too sure how official these adverts are.  On one hand they’re funny, but on the other hand, they’re poking fun at disposed tyrant who was handed over to his enemies, and then they poke fun at Saddam.

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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Kinda creepo that there’s a piece of wood right across Saddam’s neck. He looks like he’s ready to hang. Which in my opinion was an idiotic and barbaric thing to do. Even the Romans wouldn’t have done that. I mean now you’ve got an entire country in chaos. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to smack him down as America did and then have him run the country under America’s thumb? The guy did after all make it pretty far in politics and knew how to run the place. Why kill him? Revenge? Punishment? Do we all feel better now? Didn’t… Read more »


    A) Fake, not that that matters.

    B) Clearly politically biased. Seems Bush backers and Clinton haters have to do it on the downlow, although this is more clever than most.

    C)Saddam’s “pissing off of Bush 41” clearly didn’t lead to these consequences, our presidents lying about Nigerian Uranium links and WMDs did. Saddam didn’t do anything particularly egregious to Bush 43 to cause this.

    Sorry to bring up the political aspect of this, but it’s there.


    I think they should have let Chuck Norris kick his heart out.


    Clinton was far from a tyrant. It’s simply deplorable that he was impeached for such trivial matters when we have a disillusioned religious zealot trashing our international reputation, raping our human rights and plundering our economy with reckless abandon.

    William managed to get us a surplus…

    George has orchestrated far worse.


    I think it’s funny that America is upset that Saddam used WMD against the Kurds back in the ’80s. The Kurds were allied with Iran during the Iraq/Iran War, and we sold Saddam chemical & biological weapons TO USE AGAINST THEM. Not only that, but we used our spy satelites to get targeting info on the Kurds, and then sold that to Saddam too. What else did we do in the ’80s? Picked up disgruntled rich-kid Osama Bin Laden and have the CIA train him in the ways of terrorism so that he’d fight the Soviet Union on Afghanistan. Thank… Read more »

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