Mohawk Man


Man, i miss my mohawk like crazy.  Oddly enough, you can’t have one and be ‘professional’ at the same time, which is bullshit, right?

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    I wish I could shoot that guy in the face.


    Is it just me, or does that mohawk look glued on?


    he looks like a meatpacker.


    no, also, u prolly looked dumb


    no comment on Tiki till i see pics

    Alec Dalek

    That’s a man? I just see a scared little boy.


    I see a poser and/or scared boy.
    I feel ya, Tiki. I hated giving up my piercing for work in the ‘professional world.’


    Oh, wait…
    IS THIS TIKI?!!!
    If so, I’m sorry man.


    I got a [atm] purple hawk, I work in the “professional” world, When I got the job I straight up told em that I have plans for tattooing my face and I made no attempt to conceal my piercings [my ears are stretched to 2″] or tattoos [I have about 50% coverage]. I think that in Australia we are slightly more laid back then in other countries.


    : Nope, that Mohawk looks pretty fake to me, too.


    Looks like a very butch chick to me. The eyes give it away.


    o mr tiki plz rape me in the ass
    -love Paul_is_Drunk
    geez just say what u want


    vdood – A chick with chest hair?


    take note that nobody is responding to the content of your posts.

    Maynards mohawk manages to not look retarded. tjos guys sad tho 🙁


    I see a haloween costume catalogue. He’s not even trying. And not in a cool punk way either.
    I used to dress like an idiot, but then I became a man and left behind those childish things. As much as the bright-red hair and clothes from the Salvation Army went down with the ladies and such, I’m not going to pretend there was ever any content there, as I supposed when I was a kid. All that punk stuff’s just a marginal trend that wont fucking die.


    I had to give up my ‘hawk and my piercings in favor of making enough money to actually have a decent life. I have to say, it was worth the trade. Sure, I wish I could still look however I want and get paid. If you want people to treat you a certain way, the surest way to get them to is by dressing the part.

    tiki god

    I fixed the paragraph problem, no need to use the dots anymoar

    @everyone else:
    I gave up my mohawk, but kept the piercings and tattoos, cause they’re all hidden while I’m ‘professional’


    “hey kids guess how many large things are concealed in my anal cavity…. EXTREME”

    also im thinking fake mohawk is fake


    “man” ???