Grocery prices around the world

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    I find my food expenditures to be less when I’m living in Germany. Look at that pic. That family is spending several hundred € on bottled drinks each week. Ridiculous.


    4 bottles of whine and 30 bottles of beer each week?
    Most of the German families i know spend only half of the money each week for food.


    These are definitely not representative. It looks like they chose families that would make the most interesting illustration.

    If the median American income = $50,000/yr = $4160/mo
    take out 7% for taxes (is that low?), $1200 for mortgage, $1000 to maintain and operate 2 cars, $400 for various bills, $100 clothing
    and they’re left with about $1170.
    It’s not possible for the average American to spend $1360/mo on food. Although I guess there are many Americans who don’t mind getting themselves $200 more in debt every month, so….

    Think Tank

    I’m agreeing with your point, but just want to help with your numbers… The federal tax for the average American family is 25%, not 7. The average state tax is 5%. The average spent on health care is 13,000. So, with your 50k median(which, considering there’s people making hundreds of millions every year, the status quo income vs. actual median income is a bit skewed) 50k, less 30% for taxes = 35,000. Now take away 13k for health insurance and you’ve got 22,000. Subtract another 8,400 for rent (national average of 700/mo) and you now only have 13600 (or 1133 a month) a year for cars, bills, expenses etc. Now, just starting with the cars, 1000 a month leaves a little over 30 dollars a week for a family of four to buy food, pay the bills, purchase clothing, and heaven forbid there’s any want for entertainment. So, no… there’s no way they can afford 1360/mo on food, but I really don’t think that they don’t mind the credit card/ loan/ other debt, but instead have just accepted it as a necessary evil to survive. Now, that all said, there are some families in this 50k bracket that get benefits from work, which eases the brunt of that 13k, and some just forgo insurance all together, so my numbers are a bit extreme as well.


    Nice numbers, thanks. Yeah, I figured I was being generous. Though I do believe median is less susceptible to being skewed than mean.

    But it would be nice if we could get an accurate comparison of people in comparable situations, or actual average citizens, instead of whatever looks most outrageous on an internet graphic. I would be interested to see what someone living right at the poverty line in America eats compared to someone at the poverty line in Chad.


    America: Mac ‘n’ cheese from a box, made w/ margarine (not butter), chicken nuggets from McD’s, Tomato soup w/ grilled cheese sandwich, PastaRoni (when feeling adventurous), 64 oz. Super Gulp of Mountain Dew.

    Chad: 2 seeds of something (mixed w/ sand)they can’t digest, flour (mixed w/ sand), 1 tsp water (mixed w/ sand).


    More important than where they are is what they bought. Note that the further down that list you go, the more grain and veggies there are and less meat and junk food.


    Yeah, it’s really an illustration of how broken our food system is in the US. Some of those other nations, with all the fresh bread and vegetables, it would cost twice as much in the US. But our processed corn products and cheap meats are all subsidized, so that’s what Americans eat.

    And you wonder why we have an obesity epidemic. We need to stop subsidizing corn and start incentivizing the American consumer to start purchasing more real food.


    them dudes from Chad need to stop drinking gasoline


    The Casales family could save a lot of money on Coke by putting their eldest on a diet.


    I spend $100-$150 p/week on groceries, including cigarettes and alcohol.


    …actually that also includes all household items, like detergent, pet food, etc…


    Yeah, seriously. Living in the US i spend about $150 per week at the supermarket, and even less in Germany. They must be including Pfand on the bottles in these figures.


    It’s not much “Pfand” on these bottlers. 8 cents per bottle an 40 bottles makes 3,20€ a week.


    My Husband and I spend 300Eur a month on food. That’s roughly $400. So we live off of $100 a week. Add two kids and it would be 150-200 a week.


    Wow – interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.

    I hope that’s not typical for a Mexican family cause that’s wayyyyy too much Coke. Rotted teeth and diabeetus FTW.

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