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    god is a robot named kuka


    I doubt this is very productive but still it looks very cool.


    Glory of knowledge: www.robotlab.de/bios/bible.htm

    (from Google with keywords “robot” “writing” “kuka”).


    Errm, I don’t speak German (other than “MEIN LEBEN!” and “Wolt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen”) but is it just to give a hand written effect? I don’t understand why the hell anyone would want that…


    Maybe it’s writing the 1337 version of the bible.


    In the installation ‘bios [bible]’ an industrial robot writes down the bible handwritten with a quill on paperscrolls. The machine performs calligraphic lines with precision and by that produces, like a monk in a medieval scriptorium, bit by bit.

    Beginning with the Old Testament and the Books of Mose ‘bios [bible]’ produces the whole work within seven months without intermission. This way all 66 books of the Bible will be written on scrolls and the composition will afterwards be stored in the library of the installation.

    ‘bios [bible]’ concerns itself with questions of belief and technical progress. The arrangment connects two systems that are fundamental for the Western Society: Christian religion and scientific rationalism. In this context the medium ‘script’ has always been of special importance, be it as the Scripture or as the formal transcription of knowledge.


    My try on a crude translation of the first three paragraphs (fourth paragraph is only about how bios works).
    So, in my understanding, this fascinating installation is what people today call ‘art’. Or something like that. It’s pretty cool, though.


    So it’s a cybermonk? If it’s writen by a machine, is it holy? If it is, then shouldn’t the bible on CD also be holy and ward off evil spirits n shit? What about the pdf version?

    I hope somewhere in the finished product there’s mention that the book wasn’t writen by a flesh and blood person that put effort and care into making it, and was in fact produced by a machine, in a factory. Otherwise it’ll just be a ripoff.

    Or it could be just a fancy printer, with fucking awesome ttf’s.


    If I had a computer that wrote things, it would say: “Help, I’m trapped! Please find a way to get me out. I need a nap… Cheers.”

    LOL Q-delta

    Ach Du meine Güte! Using Rammstein to learn German ist wunderbar; just like living in Amerika.


    he…hehehe…he. Good one 😆

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