Motorola Xoom vs. Apple iPad

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The Motorola Xoom is ______ The Apple iPad (use inequality symbols to express your point of view)


On a side note, I will be buying a Motorola Xoom.

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    oblivious troll is oblivious

    teezy weezy





    Everthing not from apple is better than anything from apple.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The Xoom isn’t out yet. No one even knows how much its going to cost. But you’ve already made up your mind about buying it. Talk about fanboy.

    This post did make me curious about the Xoom. So I googled and found this:
    $800 plus you need to a minimum 1 month data plan to activate Wi-Fi. Personally, I’m going to wait for the webOS tablet to come out, but it looks like Apple is still ahead.

    Luke Magnifico

    Get a HP Slate.


    I don’t like either one.

    I have a fucking laptop. Why would I purchase a gimped version of something I already have?


    So you can spend more money on apps.


    Yeah, that’s all I need. More apps.

    I need that like I need a bucket of AIDs.


    Samsung Tablet been out since last year Android O/S.
    Had a play, not bad. But still would not buy a tablet PC, they are too bulky to carry around as you would a smart phone and whats the point at home? Laptop or PC would do fine without splashing the cash for one of these tablets. I suspect they will go the way of netbooks…nice to have but really not that practical as prices come down for laptops and small footprint desktops/media PC’s. All in all a technological stepping stone imo.

    tiki god

    what really makes the tablet a ‘must have’ for me is how quickly the ipad turns on and off. I can be watching the tv, see something interesting and have it up on the googles within 10 seconds with the ipad. My stupid fucking windows laptop takes about 2 minutes to fully reload itself from hibernation/sleep and almost always has a god damn update everytime I look at it.

    I don’t own an ipad, but god damn I want to. actually, I want an android tablet that starts/stops that quickly, cause the iOS is just horrid to use.

    Luke Magnifico

    Get a copy of Chromium that boots from USB.


    Near instant-on capabilites such as the Ipad’s are an inherent trait of any computer that uses solid state storage. If you want blazing fast boot and load times from your computer then spend 200 dollars on a Solid State Disk. I am using two OCZ Vertex 2’s and it takes me 30 seconds at the absolute most for my computer to turn on and connect to the internet. Although being the technophile that i am i absolutely want one of the webOS or Honeycomb based tablets. I would hack it (or download an App preferably.) so that i could extend… Read more »


    or just leave the fucking thing ON.

    casemods UID# 667

    They are both 10 years too late.

    Nice attempts at tributes to the 1996 tablets though.


    i’m getting an abacus to count all the money i’m saving by not buying a tablet.