Fixed Wing Bomber


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    wait, when was it broken?


    You guys are crazy. That’s clearly an UFO.


    That reminds of this. there was at least one person that said he saw fighter jets following it as well.


    Also, MyConfinedSpace is already the top page on Google for ‘fixed wing bomber’ what the fuck?


    All bombers are “fixed-wing bombers,” unless you’re talking about a helicopter. This plane is more properly referred to as a “flying wing.” In fact, it’s a Northrup YB-49, a revision to Jack Northrup’s original flying wing bomber design, the YB-35. It’s a direct forerunner of the B-2 Spirit bomber.


    True. As opposed to rotary wing…


    Northrup got the contract for the YB-49 to be Air Force’s #1 bomber. Then they reniged because of pressure from Texas politicians and where told they could not have the contract unless they merged with Chance-Vought of Ft. Worth. John Northrup refused. He knew Chance-Vought was a scum-bag plane maker. The U.S. bought ALL the B-49s, blew them up and burned the blueprints. There is not even one in the Smithsonian. The Air Force bought the B-36 from Chance-Vought. And the taxpayers paid for a flying piece of shit.

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