Menstrual equality House passes measure allowing women to buy tampons pads with health spending accounts

636682900332376130 AFP AFP 14M53H 300x226 Menstrual equality: House passes measure allowing women to buy tampons, pads with health spending accounts

The measure now goes to the Senate as part of a broader, bipartisan bill to expand the health flexible spending accounts.

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    HSA’s are such a f*cked up concept. Save your own money in a different account and if you happen not to need as much as you set aside, your employer takes the leftovers. The alternative is that you find some way to spend the money on healthcare that you don’t need. Sounds like something the health care lobbyists came up with. The only scenario I could see it making any sense for would be long term prescriptions that you definitely know you’ll be spending a certain amount on. Otherwise, it’s just charity for an employer that’s probably offering HSA’s as… Read more »

    tiki god

    people with recurring health issues, people with kids, people with medicine or dental appointments.

    The whole “employer takes the money” thing is truly bullshit, but if you find yourself with extra money at the end of the year, just go buy some bandaids or some shit.

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