US National Debt Chart

US National Debt Chart


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    2-3 year old chart? This is supposed to show what?


    I think it’s clear from the bold title about it what it’s supposed to show.


    $10.64 trillion now. Good work America, I salute you.


    Big deal, just file for bankruptcy.



    I certainly wasn’t able to voice my opinion in the ’00 or ’04 elections, so I take no blame in this chart whatsoever.


    Ron Paul, /b/

    Alec Dalek

    President Dumbass had a hell of a toboggan ride those last 8 years. Lets just hope he left at least something for Obama to work with.


    natedog: I miss him.

    Alec Dalek

    Ron Paul isn’t a candidate, he’s an Internet fad. I’d be shocked if even 1% of those that say they supported him would have actually gotten up and voted for him.



    Ron Paul was a candidate.

    People did vote for him. But the masses got tricked, once again. Many have reported that while Ron was still in the race, they wouldn’t let them vote for him because they claimed he dropped out. Which was a lie.

    And then there’s also the fact that he didn’t get enough publicity like Billary and Obama the pretty face.

    Could you be anymore oblivious.


    AlecDalek: Did you notice that when the SHTF regarding the economy and the stock market that Ron and his financial advisor were on cable news more than when he was running for president? They were like “Oh shit, let’s get someone who actually knows what their talking about.” So they went and got Ron, who came on TV and was finally allowed to say what he’s been trying to tell us for 15 years.

    Cult of personality =/= choosing the best person to run a govt.


    AlecDalek: I was the precinct leader for the Ron Paul campaign in my city

    he got more press when he dropped out than he had when he was running

    he’s also still fighting for his convictions, even after he dropped out of the race.

    Alec Dalek

    So then why didn’t he get elected if everyone loved him so much? Perhaps it was just a meme, and they really wanted Obama.


    well, not THE precinct leader, but MY precinct leader.

    also, here is one of my favoe Ron Paul vids where he tells off a fatboy 20 years ago on the Robert Morton Downey, Jr. Show

    Alec Dalek

    natedog: Ron Paul would have been awesome. I liked him better than any of the other candidates. But the reality is, he was just a meme, unfortunately. In a way, he was too good for the country. Maybe he should move to Canada.


    AlecDalek: Yer ma is a meme.

    natedog: That’s one of my favourite videos also. high5


    Thanks for that sudden climb over the past 8 years President Le Douche.


    LOOK, DUDE. millhouse is a meme. Ron Paul is not.


    Fantastic. Just fantastic. Glad I’m not American.


    Tardex: Really? And I was so certain you were.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Anyone who tells off a fatass gets my vote.

    To be honest I thought Ron Paul was a joke because of the internet. It’s the only place I’ve heard anything about him. Apparently he’s a voice of reason?

    Ah well. Voices of reason seldom reach unreasonable people. But hey at least the new pres of the US is black right? So…yay for racism?


    Geez you guys are party poopers. Bush lost his dog Barney and he had to use our tax money to find him. Turned out Barney wasn’t in Iraq. Now everyone lost their jobs because of this.


    Ron Paul must’ve dropped out because he certainly wasn’t on my ballot.


    dieAntagonista: Or do you jest?


    Hey, at least the chart is moving down. Nothing to see folks, move along.


    JEB BUSH 2012 FTmuthafuckinW!!!!!!!!!


    God damn. I like Ron Paul. If I voted it would have been for him.



    Haha well you write in English and your grammar is flawless. I know that’s stupid to say, but I always assume that if people were from anywhere else they would mention it quite often.


    dieAntagonista: Not American, Canadian. The main difference between the us is the fact that we Canadians don’t like being mistaken for Americans.


    Kinda looks like a xylophone. I like xylophones.


    Holy crepescules Batman! Who is this Pon Raul Chairactor anyh00z?


    Sorry, I needed to be really, really stupid for a minute. Carry on. Larouche for life!


    Tardex: Haha that is really mean. I like America very much. But Canadia is amazing also. My apologies in that case.


    Ron paul was on the ticket for president in LA. I voted for him. Because the failbots…well fail. but somehow one of them is being sworn in tomorrow. And I hope, not for the sake of myself, but for the future of the US that he doesnt fuck it up anymore. But I have some intuition he will…caling him the next regan is not a good sign. Obamas wife clearly dominates him, which is scary, at least we knew what hilary clinton was about after 8 years of office. Yet we elect some un-proven hope machine. I will shake my magic 8-ball for the next 4 years just like he will and HOPE for the best. It is better than Mccain, but not by much.


    sweet. i totally hijacked this thread for LIBERTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


    The Internet is what killed Ron Paul, and it will keep killing him ’til he’s actually dead. All anyone has to do to ensure that he’s never taken seriously by TPTB is link to any single one of his legion’s web pages.

    You can either continue to jerk off to fantasies of a Ron Paul America, or you can come up with a younger replacement.


    And shouldn’t the bars in that graphic be red???


    I saw another Ron Paul sign up this morning on the way in to work. Guess he’s gearing up for 2012. Makes me kind of feel bad for him, like I feel bad for Nader. They keep trying, they keep getting swept under the rug.

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