UNinvoled in Africa

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    This photo-op was definitely set up. Nothing new here, photographers do it all the time. Still, it’s not much different from Photoshopping.

    T G Geko

    old repost is exceptionally long in temporal duration.


    Von die Burger? No wonder.

    Alec Dalek

    This was posted before, so I will say what I said before. I will only start giving a fuck about Africa, once they stop killing each other just because they’re from different tribes, raping virgins because it will cure their AIDS, and generally producing way more offspring than they can support. But of course somehow, this is all whitey’s fault. Well they can all rot for all I care.


    It’s been done.
    By me.




    tiki god

    but you failed to put any of the actual text from the image into the post contents, so when I checked to see if it had been posted (while drunk mind you) and I didn’t see it…well it got approved.

    Q: so what did we learn from this?
    A: Tiki’s a drunk!


    Alek, the issue with Africa is the same as with all the other countries/religions of the world that deviate from the west. The west never gave them time to develop at their own pace. In addition to force-developing, we used and exploited in the past. These are facts. Go to school or something m8. If that doesnt help you, go to school somewhere where they dont edit the curriculum in their own favor.


    Hmmm… I have been to school… lots of school… I still don’t give a shit about Africa.
    Nothing to do with race, color, creed – I just simply do not care and cannot find a reason to care about it.
    If a good deal more Africans were dead, Africa would make an awesome nature park. I could easily care about an African nature park.


    “Q: so what did we learn from this?
    A: Tiki’s a drunk!”

    We already knew that!


    Alec? Aren’t you Canadian? It is whitey’s fault for the most part. The Harsh colonial policies practised by the same British Empire Canada was once proud to be a part of left the Africans without a modern economic base, but forcefully stripped of the cultural tools that allowed them survive before the whites arrived, generally in the name of Jesus, white superiority or cheap labour. Most of these dictators and such are just mimicking the old governors: Can you find much a difference between current generic evil leader Mubabe and Ian Smith? . Oh, yeah, and as the US’s main… Read more »


    *Mugabe. I wish we had edit :(((((


    @ Rawr : owned

    @ AlecDalek: You are way off. “White man” did actually invade the whole continent with the intention of making it catholic and exploiting the natural resources to the maximum. And to some extent the “white man” is still exploiting the continent, especially the oil and mineral resources. In general, the “white man” has prevented the continent from advancing to the 20th (yes 20th, not 21st) century.

    You’re just an uneducated American who doesn’t know shit about the world history. Please keep your opinions within the borders of your own country.

    Alec Dalek

    I’m not saying white men never did anything wrong to Africa. But now, they govern themselves, and we get the First and Second African Wars (biggest conflict in history since WWII. See, I DO know my history). They have some serious social problems they need to deal with, and blaming a bunch of dead white guys for all their problems is getting them no where. There is nothing we can do to help them until they accept that they are responsible for most of their own problems.

    Alec Dalek

    What the fuck? How exactly does being a former colony of Great Britain make Canada responsible for something our former overlords did? Exactly how inbred are you? And just because we’re next door neighbours to the US and therefore heavily dependent on them for trade, Canada is somehow also responsible for centuries of American corruption and stupidity? I guess because we both post to the same website, that makes you responsible for every thing I’ve ever done, according to your batshit logic. You sir, are a moron.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Canada’s implicit consent for the US’ and other states’ decades of support vicious regimes does make YOU, personally, responsible as a citizen.” You really have to be kidding there, right? At the very most Alec, myself or anyone else can only be held responsible for things that their country did when they were recognized citizens. For me, I’ve only been a citizen of the US with full voting rights for about 6 years, which means I’ve only been able to participate in one presidential election, four years ago. And guess what? The guy I voted for didn’t win! So how… Read more »

    tiki god

    dammit, is this why i spent 20 years in jail because my neighbor raped a poodle?


    Goddamnit I’m trying not to write these tl;dr posts but then my point gets all misconstrued. But I’ll try to be concise again: . 1) Voting is useless without grassroots politcal action to back it up. I know that probably sounds like I mean stupid protests where you can show off your rentadreads and such. No, I mean reading newspapers, discussing the issues and keeping yourself informed on recent history to the best of your ability. . More than half of Canadians can’t name the Head of State (seriously, look it up), much less tell you anything about Canadian politics,… Read more »


    Oh, yes, and taking responsibility for other people’s actions – even those who lived before you – is part of living in a human society. There are lazy grasshoppers and hard-working ants, man. Alec, for example, isn’t going to pull up his socks and do his little part or even bother finding out what needs done, so who is?

    Alec Dalek

    You understand very little about Canada. I should almost feel honored that you feel our political system is far superior, but I think you’ve caught a case of “the grass is always greener…”.
    You do realize we don’t actually get to elect our Senators or our Leader. We don’t vote for Sheriffs, Judges, or even Dog Catchers. In fact, we prefer to vote as seldom as possible. It interferes with Lacrosse.

    Alec Dalek

    Oh, yes, and taking responsibility for other people’s actions – even those who lived before you – is part of living in a human society.
    That is total bullshit. I know I’m bordering on Godwin here, but that’s the kind of thinking that has caused millions of Jews to lose their lives. Every race, creed, culture, and religion have skeletons in their closet. It’s pointless to live in the past, unless your Amish.


    LOL SHOPPED! Everyone knows there are no buildings in Africa!


    @ Caio

    I know we both like to wail on each others asses with a steak tenderizer, but you actually have a reasonable argument here.


    “I think you’ve caught a case of “the grass is always greener…”.” On the other side of what? I live in BC, you dumbass, and I’ve probably taken more Canadian history classes than years you’ve been potty-trained. . We don’t elect our leader, no, but she don’t do anything. We don’t elect our senate, but they don’t do anything. And dogcatchers? I don’t see what my discussion about *my own experience as a registered member of a Canadian political party* has to do with Lizzy. I also don’t know why you automatically equate civic duty with killing Jews, but I’m… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    “We don’t elect our leader, no, but she don’t do anything.”
    Don’t tell me you’re one of those idiots that think the Governor-General has any real power. You probably should have paid attention during all those classes. Do you really think if she or the Queen attempted to “revoke” our sovereignty, anyone would take them seriously. Sir Borden would rise from the grave and kick their asses!


    …Ok, I’ve just entered into a retard fight I’m out. btw, Borden made his career as Royal Opposition in favour of sending troops to fight in the Boer war.

    Alec Dalek

    Yeah, sorry I sent those troops to fight in the Boer War. Retard.