Chaos Titan

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    Something just doesn’t seem quite right with this picture… yes titans are HUGE but why is that land raider so freaking big in comparison to the monolith and everything else on that table?


    I can only imagine that it is also a custom job. That’d be pretty cool if someone could make a carrying case like that.

    tiki god

    One Word Answer:



    Wow! Look at all the virgins!


    – Grand Inquisitor Archellus, guide us in our time of need!
    – Well guys you are fucked. Bye! *teleports*


    I don’t play warhammer, but i support their anti-furry platform.


    This ladies and gentlemen is why I’d never play Warhammer online, too many geeky wankstains for my liking!

    – ROFL!

    Luke Magnifico

    Why would anyone bother?

    Speaker 1:”Yeah guys, look at this big ass model I made, it cost a few hundred dollars and it’s got spikes and guns and shit, and I can use it to explode all these little models, pew pew pew”

    Speaker 2:”Yeah guys, I’m getting laid tonight”


    Heh I play Warhammer and I havre a finace who doesn’t play but likes it. I get the best of both worlds.


    Ah ignorance…


    Oh give it a rest guys… “OMG, YOU PLAY TABLETOP GAMES, YOU VIRGIN NERD!!”

    …well i used to play WH40K, know what? I sure as shit ain’t no virgin, i got a kick arse car, i pick up regularly and get into and out of my fair share of fights!! SO you take your stereotyping and blow it out your ass!!!

    and why would someone bother? well why do people bother with painting? or doing up cars? or working out? its so you can stand back one day and think to yourself “Yeah, i did that myself and i like it” and have others say “wow, he did that by himself, that must have taken some skill”.

    on a side note… i’d hate to be the guy playing him when he manages to roll for reinforcemens…and brings on the fecking titan… oh that just ain’t cricket!!

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