Zelda: links awekening DX full map

1267154638960.png (362 KB)

I got stuck on about the 3rd level or so. I think it was the purple or green rocks.

Been looking into a gameboy player for gamecube to play it full screen.

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    We call them emulators I’ve been using them since at least 1998, they are free and you can full screen all ya like


    You’re an idiot.


    It seems someone needs to learn how to use fucking video settings.




    yes i just rez’d this thread for that


    I do not care how you do it, but you must finish this. Of the top-down Zeldas, this is my second favorite (behind A Link to the Past). The two “Oracle” games are not bad, and the later top-downs (Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks) are also great, but this is pure fucking Zelda right here. Excellent fucking game.


    I remember getting the first Zelda for my NES when I was like 6 and I was like what the hell is this shit and why am I running around poking things with my dick so I gave it to my friend in exchange for Kid Icarus. Then 12 years later when I realized what I missed out on I was like, dude, gimmie my game back, and he was like lol sold that shit and I was like yeah well I made out with your mom & slept with your sister and he kicked the everloving shit out of… Read more »


    At the time, Kid Icarus was a much better game.


    you are pretty gay compared to other NES gams


    I’m with RSIxidor, this game is pure zelda, i had/have it for the original gameboy, and i loved this game, the story, the combat, the complexity is simply mind blowing. A must play for every true zelda fan.


    This map is pretty similar to the Zelda:Oracle games for DS. I guess it works… just jigg the stuff about a bit. Like the look of it. Might try and get it second hand!


    Wow I literally just beat this game yesterday. On an actual Game Boy Color I might add, not an emulator. Highly recommended.


    just but a gameboy SP or a gen 1 DS and you can play any gameboy game from original up to advanced


    No versions of the DS support Game Boy cartridges. You need an SP or an actual Game Boy for that.


    Fucken hell, I hate you SO much CaseMods… What an A grade faggot… I hope you get several severe, lethal forms of cancer in very painful places… Then I hope you die in radiotherapy and chemotherapy because thats what ass rammers like you deserve… Fucken Eh!


    Really loved this game to death. Was, basically, my first real game…and oy, was it ever awesome! (B/W version, though.)

    Also, the story was a severe screw to my still impressionable brain back then.


    One of my first games, on the original Game Boy. Really loved it.


    Same here. Good memories. My brother and I stuck several times cause we couldn’t figure out how to move forward, but we eventually beat it without any guide.