Firefox – World class surf gear

firefox_world_class_surf_gear.jpg (191 KB)

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    That poor woman has been impaled by four surfboards.


    So she can’t run away… *ziiip…*


    OMG, that Pokemon is trying to eat the world!!!


    I’d be happy enough taking over her.


    Firefox Myths Myth – “Firefox is Bug Free” Reality – Firefox is like any other software application and has plenty of bugs and problems. Myth – “Firefox is the Fastest Web Browser” Reality – Opera (now 100% Ad free) is the fastest Graphical Web Browser in Windows. Myth – “Firefox is Faster than Internet Explorer 7” Reality – Internet Explorer 7 is clearly faster than Firefox 1.x and 2.x in 4 out of 7 measures of performance. Myth – “Firefox Gained 25% Market Share in May 2007” Reality – “Firefox lost Market Share in May 2007, dropping below 15%… Read more »


    I still ike FFF better. Like the graphical look of it, and I still find it safer then IE.

    T G Geko

    It doesnt matter what these “Facts” tell us. Reality is a Democracy. If everybody THINKS Firefox is better, then it is.

    Myth – “Firefox is Faster than Internet Explorer 7″
    Reality – Internet Explorer 7 is clearly faster than Firefox 1.x and 2.x in 4 out of 7 measures of performance.

    Thats a bit vague. Are you saying that IE 7.0 is faster then Firefox 1.0? Well duh. and 4 our of 7 is not that convincing. I wouldnt trust my doctor with that kind of odds.


    I still ike FFF better. …I still find it safer then IE. Myth – “Firefox 1.x is more Secure than Internet Explorer 6” Reality – Internet Explorer 6 has been more secure than Firefox 1.x in 2006. Firefox 1.x (2006) – 13 Advisories = 88 Vulnerabilities Internet Explorer 6.x (2006) – 16 Advisories = 36 Vulnerabilities Myth – “Firefox Vulnerabilities are Quickly Patched” Reality – Multiple vulnerabilities have remained unpatched for a long time. SA12403 – Unpatched since 08-30-2004 SA12580 – Unpatched since 09-18-2004 SA20442 – Unpatched since 06-06-2006 SA23046 – Unpatched since 11-22-2006 and more… Myth – “Firefox 2’s… Read more »


    Why y’all gotta be hatin’ on the ‘Fox?…

    I use IE (not really), Opera (for speed) and firefox (for flexibility). And it’s not perfect by any means. I simply take the necessary steps to mitigate it’s flaws. Thing is, Firefox just has a whole lot more flexibility than either IE or Opera has to offer…


    Diabeetus/Iddq, I had a shred of doubt that you might not actually be a sock puppet, but you’ve made the most half-assed effort ever at concealing your identity. Now you’re copying and pasting, just like 95% of Iddq’s posts?

    My god you’re pathetic.


    My god you’re pathetic.

      ^ (meow)


    Fuck Firefox.


    I can’t really see how 3-5 seconds startup time in a freshly installed IE7/Opera 9.24 is faster than a below 1 second startup time for Fx3…

    Security is more often breached because of the user rather than the browser.

    Firefox Myths Debunked

    “Clearly it isn’t”
    Right, because running a whole 7 tests really gives you good statistics…


    Very artistic! Makes me want to collect all four surfboards.