Blonde moment

Blonde Moment

A painful blonde moment.

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    why does he just barrel straight into her? You figure he’d vear off a little to try to avoid her


    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That includes trying to go through somebody.

    Alec Dalek

    Because the drugged up horse is as dumb as the blonde. Too much time spent training, not enough time living.

    Hoban Washburne

    He probably just thought that once he hit 88mph he’d travel back in time and phase right through her. Obviously he just wasn’t fast enough.


    itz a shame, hoban. isnt it?


    Haha. I like the reaction of the guy kneeling in the background.

    You can tell he sees what’s about to happen


    Isn’t obvious why he didn’t stop…he’s blonde too.


    “Because the drugged up horse is as dumb as the blonde. Too much time spent training, not enough time living.”

    spoken like a load that hasn’t ran a mile since high-school tbqh

    enjoy your frito-lays

    Billy Manic

    You idiots are missing the point. She just got freaking punched in the face! BWAHAHAHAH

    Alec Dalek


    Right, because everyone that doesn’t train 12 hours a day and take steroids is as fat as an Arbuckle. Wow, you’re one smart cookie… er, rice cake!


    Or… he’s going really fast and has a fraction of a second to react to her walking in front of him. The entire fraction of a second he’s probably thinking “Huh… person… shit, contact!”

    The person who made the drugged up comment is probably a basement dweller, though.

    Alec Dalek

    Maybe I’m still just a bit bitter from when my countries big hero, Ben “Track-marks” Johnson, lost his gold medal because it turned out he was actually a loser (in the President Bush sense of the word). Turns out it’s not how much training you put in or how strong your character is, but rather how good your chemical masking agents work. His weren’t as good as the ones Carl Lewis used.


    I realize everyone’s having much fun with the speculation, but if you actually WATCH it you can see that he’s looking at his FEET not WHERE HE’S GOING. Now, admittedly, I’m one of those who hasn’t run a mile since high school. Which isn’t to say I don’t’ stay active with stage combat, Tai Chi (and not the dancey dance kind) and working on a dock (yes, girls can do that too). However, last time I checked, when running it was a good idea to look FORWARD not DOWN. Have things changed since I was in high school?


    Outta mah way bitch!


    Brigantyna: I don’t know where this is from, but it looks like he’s doing a long jump of some kind (you can see the actual track in the background) and the starts for jumps are pretty intense at high levels of track; he’s probably just starting to run in an upright position in this clip, hence the looking at the ground.


    Thanks for the clarification deutschlandia, I was fearing the poor lad had some sort of brain injury. (We KNOW the blonde has one now. I’m rather alarmed by the way her head snapped back.) I see the track in the background and I guess I didn’t put it together that it’s not the right setup for the oval track I was initially thinking it was. Blame the pain meds I’m on. 🙂


    i like the other guys reaction in the background

    Billy Manic

    I can seriously watch this a million times over and never get tired. Just make SFX in your head! It’s great!


    She is not suppose to be on track, why blame the runner only?
    in baseball, if a fielder is stand on the route between base and the baserunner who’s running to next base and ran right into a fielder who stand in the way. are you suppose to blame the baserunner who’s doing what they suppose to do or the fielder who were not suppose to be standing on the route between bases at all.


    Because (correct me if I’m wrong, someone) she is walking across the center portion of the track, which to me isn’t a big red flag like, say, walking down the track itself the wrong way.


    Yeah, fuck that bitch around! GOD I’M SO HORNY


    Look, plain and simple, hes an elite athlete, for anyone who has done this sorta thing your ENTIRELY focussed on your track, not whats around you and CERTAINLY not some idiot walking onto the track. Its the blondes stupidity pure and simple and GOD DAMN ITS FUNNY!! LOL

    and i agree with Piece, i love the guys reaction in the background. WOW!! lol


    bitch got pwned.


    I’d love to see this at normal speed. I’d imagine that guy is just trucking…