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This is the best saying ever. I’m gonna drive my friends nuts with this one.


That castle looks suspiciously like Schloss Neuschwanstein, which is in a very mountainous region of southern Bavaria, not the plains of Britain. Also, I can see the pixels.

Howie Feltersnatch

I agree with Deuce. I can tell from having seen a lot of castles and also from some of the pixels. But I couldn’t spell Neusschwainensteinenweinenvinenpoontang to save my ass.

teezy weezy

Neuschwanstein, easy 😀


^^^^ you probably used copy and paste… cheater!


Long-ass German words are less intimidating when you realize they’re just made up of smaller words mashed together…. “Neuschwanstein” is “New swan stone”.

T.G. Fisher

German compound words are madding. When trying to translate German from a printed page and using a Handwortenbuch (dictionary) you can never find the word. For example: a company that operates a river steamboat line is a “Flossdampfbootaktiengesellschaft.” A woman who would rather bugger than eat when she’s hungry (and we all love those darlin’s) is a: “Gerschlechtsverkehrfrau.”