Retro Anti-Gravitiy Fanatics

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    Casa de Magnetica


    Lean widit, rock widit!

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Wow, that’s a pretty big fart; it’s blowing those two folks back.


    Retro anti-gravity is much better than the stuff we have today.


    I’ve been there. That’s the mystery spot in Santa Cruz, CA. Something weird about gravity and the earth’s magnetic field there. Messes with compasses and airplanes that fly overhead. It’s a little weird, but most of it is enhanced with optical illusions.


    Oh yeah and I need to go there. This is actually my most favourite photo in the whole world. But I thought this was just a funky house of some sort. The photo wasn’t edited, just rotated a little. I haven’t heard of anything about the earth’s magnetic field in regards to that place either.


    There are a number of these places all over the US and the world as well. Oregon is just one of many. Also one I have visited more then once. Depending on how sensitive to magnetics you are you can possibly even get slightly sick just standing near it let alone walking through the vortex. It’s basically a convergence of the magnetic fields the earth gives off. Watching objects roll up hill is cool too though.


    Whoa. All right, seems like I was wrong. Thanks for the link Michael. Anyway all I care about is the location in the photo, that’s where I need to go. I was actually just trying to be funny with the title, I didn’t know there are crazy things going on for real.


    none of it is real, its all optical illusions. ‘vortexes’ and ‘magnetic convergence’? get real.