The Birth Of Feminism

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    : )


    Holy crap, fell out of my chair….ouch.
    Where do I sign up ?


    this wont piss anyone off


    I love this, I love how women fight for equality but when they get the shit knocked out of them, it gets more coverage than the Vietnam War. If two guys knock the shit out of each other, they walk away and maybe have a beer over it later.

    Point is, women will never be equal to men unless they want to be equal on ALL terms, ALL across the board… and in a sense (and I hate this term) “man-up”

    btw, that looks nothing like Pamela Anderson or Halle Berry…really bad poster?


    its just a really bad shoop. it CANT be a real movie. besides its a horribly done poster.


    YES YES I LOVE THE GUERRILLA GIRLS!!! have been to three of their talks so far, they are so awesome!


    Catherine Zeta…. ack- BARF!!… Jones?

    waste of flesh and breathing air.


    @token2k6: We are equal, regardless of how we act.


    Gee, I don’t know. What if a woman were to knock the shit out of you, would that make the news? Would you scream “Assault!”? (see how I manned up there?) And what does this poster have to do with abuse?


    @Annarchy: I was just using abuse b/c it does make sense when tied to equality and stating it like that and its relative in the media right now. Would I scream assault if I got beat up? Only if I wanted to do greater harm to that person under the penal system than anything else. but we can also apply this in the work place. While sexual harassmant isn’t as rampant as it was a few years ago, men can sit and tell dick and fart jokes all day long, hell, get a company where its nothing but men, and… Read more »


    Argh. Okay, whatever. Your mom should have slapped you around more.


    Phail. Pamela Anderson could clearly care less about Feminism. 😛


    @token2k6: I think you kind of missed my point. Actually it flew over your head at mach 5. Women don’t need to become equal, we already are equal. We have always been equal, regardless of what anyone ever thought. There was no time when we weren’t equal. I don’t have to pretend to be as strong as a man to be equal. I don’t need to pretend I have a penis to be equal. I don’t have to do everything and anything to prove my equality. I was born w/ it, as were you. You seem to be under the… Read more »


    @nyokki: you had it going, but your equality ran out on you 😛


    BAH! Salma Hayek is the only non-white chick i’d do.


    @token2k6: @nyokki: lol here i am commenting about this stuff again. and again i agree with both sides. o_O YES, women ARE equal, and they don’t need to prove it… but yes, it is annoying when women play the “weaker force” card. I think what people need to realize is that it is by NO means all women that do this… the ones that do just get more attention because they’re being ridiculous… Gah I hate it so much when I’m around a bunch of men who don’t know me well, and they all get quiet and awkward. I LOVE… Read more »


    For some reason irony just doesn’t feel especially funny anymore. Maybe it’s decades of it being bombasted at me from all sides as edgy.