Worst Teacher EVER.


yep.  this is why america is in the shitter.

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    And that boy grew up to be George W. Bush’s speech writer.


    No, sounds like the teacher was. The boy was smart. The teacher sure as hell wasn’t. If I had a teacher that stupid, the letter above could be copied word-for-word and sent home with me.


    I wish I could read this and doubt that it was genuine, but unfortunately, I’m all too sure that it’s a real letter.

    What a sad statement regarding the educational system. Not only was the teacher wrong, but they also took the time to write a letter to the parent. I hope that the parent was kind enough to bring a copy of this letter to the principal.

    The one thing that surprises me is that only one student noticed the problem and spoke out. Usually if one student speaks out, all the others who were looking at the board in puzzlement join in the protest.


    When one of my supervisors made an ass out themself like this, I made it a point in the next staff meeting to shame them in front of the rest of the staff and then tell them to take a minute and use their brains.

    Harsh? Maybe, but I would have put a copy of this thing up in the faculty room for all of the staff to see.

    This reminds me of a video I saw where a Sergeant was in a boxing match with one of his lower enlisted soldiers and got knocked the fuck out. The video was released by the Sergeant Major as a lesson to all the other NCOs to not put themself in a position where their subordinates would make them look foolish.

    Jesus Christ

    I think I just died on the inside a little.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Teachers are worthless and should be abused.

    Nobody ever sets out to be a teacher. It’s always plan B. Teachers are failures.

    If I had a kid and he brought that letter home I’d nut in anger.

    What kind of egomaniac bitch pulls something like that?

    Rape is in order there. The ass kind.


    lol, i wish i knew who wrote that… it would give us a little more understanding lol.

    Tyler Durden

    That letter is all to familiar to me. When I was in high school a teacher did the same thing to me. I was sent to the office for correcting her in biology class and she went bat-shit crazy, screaming at me that if I wanted to teach the class I should be a teacher. The principal just told me to play nice, apologized and sent me back to class.

    The public school system in this country is a fucking joke. It’s a broken, archaic, ineffective system used to dumb kids down, pigeon-hole them and turn them in to mindless consumers. The few young teachers that actually care are quickly brought down by more senior educators and worn down with bureaucracy and bullshit until they’re just as tired and apathetic as the others. They’ve been reduced to teaching kids how to pass state tests rather than ensuring that kids actually LEARN the information. Disgusting. Truly and utterly disgusting.


    unfortunately i feel i must agree with you..


    although i will add that i did find a couple of teachers in my public school that were worth something, and a few that were worth quite a lot. some young, some older. here’s to them and their rare breed!


    Teachers will get it wrong every now and then. They teach so many lessons and are, after all, only human. They will make mistakes just like everyone else. There’s no shame in it.

    However every teacher I’ve ever known has simply nodded when a student corrected them, apologised for making a mistake and then kept right on going with their lesson.

    This is just a response from a teacher with so much pride that they cannot accept that they are imperfect.


    Lol, I’m surprised anyone spoke out. When I was in Jr. High, I remember having a substitute teacher for the end of our unit on South America in social studies, and during review for the test, she literally got every capital wrong (she said Brazil = Buenos Aires, Angentina = Lima, etc.) No one said a single thing, but when we got out of the class, everyone went, “It’s the day before the test, wtf?”


    Magnus, I’m not trying to get into a fight with you on this issue, and I definitely like your posting, even though I often disagree with your view on things. You always seem to speak what you’re thinking, regardless of what others may think. I respect that.

    However, having been a teacher myself in the past, I can say that it’s not a “plan B” for everyone. I know some really amazing teachers that do a great job of helping their students get prepared for their lives. Teaching was my “Plan A” but life has a strange way of sending you down a different road. For now, I do something else, but I would like to go back to teaching someday in the future.

    That said, I also know that teaching is a “Plan B” job for a lot of people. A lot of them get out into the world and when they realize that they don’t like what they are doing, and they figure that they can always go teach. The people who chose to be teachers as their “Plan A” typically are very resentful of those people, and watch them come and go every few years.

    While some teachers are probably close to worthless, most of them, even the ones that aren’t great, are far from worthless; some are even invaluable.

    We live in a world now where parents do so little parenting, that states are adding “Character Education” to their curricula because the kids have no sense of morals or values.

    I agree with what Tyler said. The root of the problem isn’t the teachers, it’s the system. The system allows people who have gotten tenure to become complacent, and the younger teachers that actually give a damn usually get so frustrated that they quit and move on to something else before they implode. It’s always fantastic when a parent calls to tell you what a worthless piece of shit you are, but tells you you must be a liar when you inform them that their little Johnny cuts class 2 days a week and that’s why he gets shitty grades.

    If I ever got a call home from a teacher when I was in school, after I got my ass beat, I MIGHT get asked for my side of the story. Nowadays it’s the complete opposite. Views like yours, that “teachers are worthless” just make it worse. Some are, but most aren’t.

    I suggest you try teaching in a public school for a few years. Urban, Suburban, Rural, whatever suits your fancy. They all have their unique good and bad sides.

    I’m plenty pissed about the attitude of the particular teacher who wrote this, and I have plenty of issues with the educational system. There are reasons I’m not in a rush to go back to teaching: my disgust with the system and dealing with crappy parents are right up there at the top. They tell you what you need to accomplish, but many times they allow you very little creative license in how you are to teach the material, and to me, that takes all the enjoyment out of it. It’s great to see some of your students really catch on and learn things, but our public schools shelter them too much and don’t prepare them very well for what lies ahead when they leave. Many parents are just as guilty of doing the same thing.

    Unfortunately, it’s not something that will change quickly if ever. All we can hope for is that enough of the teachers that do give a damn stick with it long enough to have some of their students say “wow, Ms. so-and-so really was awesome, I want to be like that” and that they don’t become the teachers that just use the same dated stuff again year after year and just go through the motions. Hopefully also, the system will realize that they are stifling many good, promising educators.

    I had the opportunity to go to both public and private schools, and to teach in both settings also. No, I’m not silver-spoon fed, I paid for almost all of my own tuition for high school through work and scholarships, because I wanted to go to a better school. The biggest difference in the private/public schools was the teachers. They mostly made way less money at the private school, so the two groups of people you’d see teaching there were new teachers that needed to get experience, and veteran teachers, who didn’t care about the money as much as they cared about working in a place without the public system restrictions in place, where they could actually do what they thought was the best thing instead of what the district said.

    I had some amazing teachers at the private school. There were a few good ones at the public school also, but at the private school the majority of them were excellent teachers. The ones that weren’t didn’t last long.

    Anyway, Mag, I’m sure there will be a witty, curse-filled, one-sided response coming to this, and I’m sure it’ll be an interesting read. Don’t disappoint me.

    Before you write it, though, take a minute to remember your own education. Somewhere, I’m sure there was at least one teacher, whether yours or just another one in the school, that made a difference in the lives of their students.

    If you think you know the way to make the system better, I’m sure you could go just sign up and become a teacher. If you have any kids, and you think that teachers and the system are worthless, I sure hope you’re doing something more about it than just posting on MCS.

    t. durden

    I would say sad but true, but truth is usually sad so…. i’ll just say thats pretty fucking funny.

    tiki god

    shit Moose, think that out much? lol.

    Yeah, I had 3 good teachers my entire time in high school. That’s 3 out of about 20 teachers that I had to interact with, and they certainly didn’t make up for the other incompetents that were making life impossible for everyone under the age of 19.

    Mainly, they were trying to save their own asses.


    The worst part is that the next week they learned that a cubit is longer than a kilometer and that’s how Noah fit all those animals on one boat.


    Some people are skilled to teach and some merely think they are. It’s not just about getting up and talking randomly for an hour, but also fostering discussion, making sure what you’re saying is getting through, which is not always the easiest information to gather. I was lucky enough to go to a private school where my instructors, at times, held Ph.D.s in their subjects and fostered learning and interest in the subject matter, and were generally good people. But there were a few who were mean, incompetent, lazy, ugly, and stupid. Now and then my own students tell me, “well my high school teacher said to do [such-n-such] this way [a way that no sane person would do said such-n-such].”

    One of the problems is that some colleges train their education majors by emphasizing content, while others emphasize the learning process, but the balance is often tipped one way or another. Not enough of the process-learning, and you get people who can handle the content but not the students; not enough content, and you get people who’ll do fine with students’ psychological needs but not so much with the material they’re teaching.

    This writer of the above letter, however, is simply a tool.


    I am willing to bet, it’s just a gut feeling, but I’m going to say that this teacher was probably an old school teacher who had been teaching for 40 years using the same skills and methods back in the day when kids showed respect for their teachers. I’m not condoning this teacher’s blatant unaccepting of his/her being wrong but the kid should not have tried to rouse the class like he attempted.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Holy choking pipesnake moose.

    I went to public and private schools as well. Don’t feel the need to defend that to me. I figure if anyone has a problem with rich kids they should address it with their own parents. It’s not the other kids fault that the poor kid’s parents were too stupid or lazy or both to give their kids what they want.

    Anyway…you’re a teacher and it was your plan A. Why? Teachers are surrounded by kids. Are you maybe a gym teacher? Bah I won’t go that route. Too easy. Truth is no I never had or saw a teacher that made any difference other than the one who quit so her could date a stupid (she was 18 at the time). The rest just hid their alcoholism and morbidity by acting like assholes and going on strike all the time. Every English teacher was a failed author. Every gym teacher a failed athlete. If their union wasn’t so strong 9/10 would be fired within their first 2 years.

    You realize that even if you were still a teacher you wouldn’t be at work right now? That’s right…because these are the 2+ months teachers have off every summer. Who the fuck complains about a job that gives you 2 months off every year, all holidays, AND vacation and paid sick days? Teaching is the safety net for slightly educated middle class losers who don’t get what they actually wanted and they don’t get into law school.

    I would take your suggestion and go into teaching but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay my bills. Not saying teachers are under paid by any means, it’s just I’m on a course now that requires a better income. Really I’d go into teaching so I could personally critique every other fucking teacher I ran into because I know damn well teaching is 1000 times easier than any job I’ve already had. And if a kid called me out on being wrong on something I’d reward him for it.


    It’s not the job of the fucking schools to teach morals and values.

    I’ve never had a teacher make any sort of difference in my life.

    It’s my plan B.


    Teaching was my plan A too. It was fine when I was teaching college (CUNY), but then I moved and ended up teaching High School in WV. That lasted 3 years before I finally quit, in order to avoid suicide. I actually got called out by my dept Chair for making my tests too difficult. What??!! Only one student even failed the test. How is that too difficult? Anyway, I was ordered to give the tests provided in the textbook or authorized by the Chair. It’s fuckin’ math; it is what it is and I taught it well. Well enough that more than a few of my students took AP calculus and passed.
    Sorry, rant over.

    Oh, and I had a teacher kick me out of class because I kept insisting he was incorrect when he stated (over and over again) that the slope of a vertical line is 0(zero). I get that teachers make mistakes, but once pointed out, one should correct it.


    Hey, whats a kilometer?:)


    Why am I here


    Puulaahi: A kilometer is a European version of the mile. Since Everything in Europe is closer together than in America, the “Kilometer” makes them feel bigger. It also makes them think they’re driving faster. 🙂


    Anonymous: lol if you put it in that way.


    Anonymous: lmao You made me lol.


    Question authority!

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