Scary Mo-Fo

He's Got A Perfect Face For Radio

Kala Kawai has 67 piercings and 75% of his body is tattooed & runs his own studio in Hawaii. He has stretched the holes in his earlobes to 4 inches, inserted various silicon implants on his head, can screw metal spikes into the top of his skull, has a split tongue and generally looks extremely frightening.

Also worth bearing in mind is that he split his own tongue using dental floss and did all his own piercings.

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    Alec Dalek

    And yet he still feels empty…


    Kala, the lonely demonspawn 🙁


    Well he shouldn’t have any trouble picking his boogers.

    Or shaving his lumpy head.


    I love how he’s wearing plaid.


    I’ve seen an interview with this guy. He struck me as a very normal, easy going kinda guy. Not at all demonic or particularly evil (except for the bit where he’s wearing plaid here).

    Billy Manic

    Now, let’s suppose he required an MRI.


    I particularly like the mouth on the double chin. Way to efficiently use otherwise wasted real estate!


    I hate people who pierce themselves, especially people like that pictured above.

    Especially when chicks pierce themselves in their belly button, titties, or some stupid place and they’re prancing around thinking it’ll make them 10X hotter when it makes them look like used mutants.


    I hate it when fatties get their belly buttons pierced, and you can’t even see it unless they pick up their fold. Because they have one, they feel the need to where short shirts and show everybody, too.


    I hate overpierced chick, but when they have a little one in ther belly button, orr ther nose, it’s quite cute! And I hate fatties all together 😀


    Did anyone notice he has a nose ring, nerd bomber!


    heeeeeeeey! Kala. He owns Sin City Tattoo and Piercing here in Hilo, HI. He’s actually a really nice dude and very professional. He did all of my girlfriend’s piercings.