Fail clock

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I was riding my scooter to work today, and I thought my clock said “FAIL” almost the whole way in. I was wondering “What could have gone wrong with my watch to have such a mocking alert?” Then I realized it said FR 11, today’s date. The angle just made it look like FAIL. I’m not crazy am I, you see it right? Clock totally has it in for me…..

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    it really does say fail it’s going to blow up when you try and start it later….run away.


    Wow. I was like “FR? Is that supposed to mean July? What language is that?” and then I got it. Excuse me while I go beat myself.


    Fail driver is outta gas…


    beat yourself harder for missing the fact that FR is short for Friday.


    That’s what I meant by “then I got it.”


    pretty funny.

    I would say, “I don’t need you to remind me, you stupid watch!!” and toss it out the window.


    Maybe it says fail because you’re out of gas


    Or maybe his dial shows he is out of fuel because the car isn’t running? Unless you think he took a photo while driving of course.


    Been Lurking here for a couple of months, really enjoying the site, Tiki.

    ohmybob . . . .
    Perhaps it says fail because you stapled a wristwatch to the dashboard? 😉


    I was right!

    Except I said the car wasn’t running, not scooter, because I fail at reading.


    the real fail is that you own a scooter. get a real motorcycle.

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