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So I tried Ubuntu the other day on one of my old Dell machines.  Took too long to load, and was confusing as shit when I finally got it loaded up.  Why can’t anyone make a Linix distro that doesn’t: 1.) look like shit, 2.) run like shit 3.) be all confusing and shit?

Seriously! I was trying to find the other hard drive on my system (which has all my mp3s and  uh…adult motivational movies) and I ended up on my third desktop.  What’s a third desktop?  I have no clue.  Why is it there?  no idea!  There was little heard from the OS though, it just sat there and ‘tut tut’ed at me as if I should just KNOW.  Why in the world were there no help systems?

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    I’m kindof permanently “trying” Ubuntu. I was going to set up a dual boot thing and my hard drive decided that it wasn’t going to participate. Bye Bye hard drive.

    Anyway, I really like it. There’s a little learning curve but once you get past that you’ll like it too. OR ELSE. *HYPNOSIS EYES*


    You could try Fedora or Opensuse. They are easy and pretty. But if they are not pretty enough, glue some glitter to your moniter, or lube yourself up for vista.


    Took too long to load? It’s much faster than Windows for me.


    umm, well.. MY ubuntu’s friggn gorgeous. (most of all since you can configure almost any detail. oh, and you might try installing the Beryl package (+manager) if you’re into 3D-vista-like shit..)

    for your hard-drive-integration & other newbie-questions:

    and well: i hated linux at the beginning, too.. now i use xp only for gameing. – btw, don’t try other distributions, there’s nothing more userfriendly out there, imho.


    You’re just doing it wrong. you probably messed it up some how. You cant do anything right.

    Gee, i should become a Mac user. (Arrogant and self-righteous)

    Now seriously, make sure youre running the freshest version of ubuntu, they ship it free worldwide.


    I tried it and it runs like a dream.

    Also just boot it live on the best machine you got. It wont change anything.


    You need to (one way or another) acquire “Linspire” formerly “Lindows”.

    They’ve got an online demo.

    They ventured out from the name “Lindows” because Microsoft got all pissy about the similarity of the names, and rather than piss of microsoft anymore, they just opted to back down, and changed the name of it. Its marketed as a nice little go between for people that want to get away from windows, but are afraid of the differences.

    This distro isn’t free though, its like, 50 bucks or somethin’.

    tiki god

    god, the live cd is one of the last options I would ever suggest to anyone. Sure, it doesn’t change anything, but it took my computer about 15 minutes to boot it.


    If I were you,
    go and try pclinuxos

    It comes as live cd and if you like it,
    install it.Ubuntu sucks as hell and is confusing
    to use.Plus it has crappy gnome desktop.Pclinuxos
    has kde desktop which is hella better.You configure everything through control panel so it’s
    as easy to use as windows !

    and for now you can dual boot linux and winblow$
    which is what I do! I only use winblow$ for some
    games thats all.

    Peace Bro


    It took me a while to load from the live cd too, but after I installed it the booting time is not much different from a freshly installed XP. But from time to time it will do some disk check that might take a while, but I actually think this is due to me changing the content of the Linux partitions using XP. As for confusing, I cannot agree. One of the reasons I convert to Ubuntu is due to its simplicity, will only consider myself “not use to it” and am fine with it after playing around with it.… Read more »


    I’ve been using ubuntu for at least 1 year, and I think it’s pretty easier to use.


    Matthew Rosenblatt

    Distros such as Ubuntu are designed with the Gnome GUI, which is designed for Speed yet looks. If you used Kubuntu, im sure you would have loved the GUI, but on an older machine it’s not recommended. Plus, if you don’t know linux, sitting down to a gnome box isnt going to be to easy. The GUI is very limiting. Honestly, I like Gentoo linux the most compiled with GFCE or Fluxbox as the GUI. Simple yet elegant. Plus, with a custom-install linux box, it’s much easier to get stuff to work seeing as you compiled it all. Another thing… Read more »


    I’m with you, Tiki. I had to install a “makefile” to install a library to install an installer to install an instant messenger client.

    Linux is for some people, but I am not one of them. This had to be my third time trying to install Linux.


    That’s one fancy ashtray…


    Just another childs toy to play with for bored computer enthusiasts with too much time on their hands. I need to get shit done, and get it done fast, ain’t gonna happen in these other obscure losers.