Mac Vs Pc – Motorcycles

Mac Vs Pc - Motorcycles

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Fail. No way a Ninja 250 can do 150 MPH.


    God damn that’s a sexy tricycle.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Also: REPOST


    This is a mac, it will never crash on it’s side. Nobody viruses on a Mac, you always have a steady RAM and it does not let you available hardware so you don’t ruin it. Anyone can drive a Mac!
    This is a PC, in fact, it’s an example of a PC beause there are unlimited choices. It’s hard to drive, but if you learn how to do it, you’ll easily reach 150mph in a few seconds, many people virus in them because it’s so hard to handle, you can available hardware it anyway you like, only people capable of driving transmission at RAMass speeds with nothing to proetct youfrom crashes manage to see its full potential, the rest die out by natural selection or quit and buy Macs.


    Ha, I agree with reboot AND AgentHacthet 🙂

    But yeah, a Ninja 250 doing 150? Try 110 tops. Kawasaki < Suzuki.

    Gary Generic

    The grammar in the argument for the PC made me kick my neighbor’s puppy.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    High five! My first bike was a Suzuki gz250. I have a Triumph now, but I still have fond memories of my Suzy.


    this never gets old



    The bike pictured could possibly be a Ninja 650r, which could reach 150mph ( if geared somewhat differently than a factory model).


    Pfff. This is inaccurate. I have a mac and a PC. My mac is like a Honda F4I (reliable and easy to use) and my PC (when not running windows) is like a GSXR-600 (runs well if a bit rough, you sorta need to know what you’re doing to stay on it).

    The bike in the image is most definitely not a 650r. I don’t even see how it could be confused as such. The swing arm is totally different, as is the seat, body work, etc etc.


    If you look closely at a 650r’s faring you will notice the turn signals which are built into and are part of the body work. A 250 has the signals projecting from the faring. So are you saying it’s a 250 with a 650’s cowling? Now I’m very confused?!?


    lol the rest die out by natural selection

    teezy weezy

    PCs and Motorbikes are for leather loving gay boys.


    who cares about the motorcycle not one of u commented on the tricycles fourth wheel. which means it is in fact not a tricycle.


    the tricycle (bike on training wheels) has a button that you can install where it turns into the death-bike for the rare times you actually need it. you can even have it be a death-bike while its being a tricycle!

    you guys don’t have one of those buttons on the death-bike, do ya?

    btw, for realism the motorcycle should be BLUE, and last years model- because nobody wants the current one.


    – Hmm. I don’t recall suggesting that the bike was a 250 at all. I’m pretty sure it’s a ZX-6R. It looks like a ZX-6R. The swing arm is the same as is the bodywork. The ZX-10R has a different swing arm/pipem etc. The 250 and 650R also have different bits and simply aren’t nearly as sexy.


    What kind of fag would want to put training wheels on a motorbike?

    For realism the bicycle shouldn’t have a saddle.


    2 words.




    – A fag with legs that don’t work might want “training wheels” on their motorcycle. Although I’m pretty sure that not all paraplegics are homosexual.


    isn’t every good quality you’ve given the PC even more present on a linux box? I understand windows for gamers, and other niche uses, but come on… you can’t really be a fanboy about it. I just switched to mac this calendar year, so I’m not talking out of my ass.



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