Slow Windows


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    lol once again Bill Gates pwnes us all, ok well most of us, I still haven’t gotten use to Linux enough to use it all the time 🙁


    After Windows break-down number a billion yesterday (which resulted in me losing about a week of non-backed up school work), I actually seriously tried installing Ubuntu, figuring “Who need games, when my computer isn’t breaking down all the time and losing me schoolwork? Not even Doom music makes Windows good.” But then Ubuntu wouldn’t install. The install process ran painfully slow and wouldn’t load the actual install part and I burnt about a billion CDs following all the trouble shooting advice on their forums before giving up. Now realizing that both Windows and Linux suck, all I’m left with is… Read more »


    If you can’t get windows to run good then you FAIL.

    Windows works fine for me because I’m not an idiot.


    Windows iz teh suxxorz. Especially Vista. Prolly the worst OS Mocro$oft has ever written…

    Alec Dalek

    Ironzombie, phyreblade: are you guys like 14?


    This is most likely just going to get yet another better than thou nasty ass response, but Caio, if you’re having trouble with both os’s, then it’s most likely not the os, but the computer that’s fucked up. Generally, that kinda crap is either bad memory or a damaged processor. I’m not defending either OS, since I have to use both at work irregardless, so I’m used to fixing this crap on a daily basis. However, I will agree that ubuntu blows just because of their lame ass advertising campaign.


    oh lol, Casemods. Check. But taking a brief look at your MCS posting habits and your myspace page, it appears that you dedicate a good 21 hours a day to this site and social networking sites. I can only assume that you have incredibly lenient parents, or that you somehow collect and cash your disability/welfare checks online, because there is no way in hell that you leave the house. And there’s no way that you work with the kind of time that you dedicate to Web 2.0 time-idling. Further contemplation suggests that the lenient parent theory is the more probable,… Read more »


    If it were that important to you, you would’ve backed it up. Or stored it externally. Which is backing it up. But anyway…

    I don’t think it’s the OS’s fault. I agree with Magnus.


    Caio, sorry, but in that whole casemods-bashing contest was there an argument about an OS? Cause I couldn’t find one…


    Caio, if you want to know more about me, I’ll try and update my myspace for you, since your so interested in my life. haha

    Your one of those people who can’t stop talking about people they hate, right?


    -It wasn’t a hardware issue. I had a sleep and got everything working again with XP, and installed Ubuntu anyway, which went fine this time, for some unknown reason. Seems to work perfectly so far. -Casemods, your entire life is MCS. Back when postcount was visible, you were the top poster by several hundred. There’s no thread here without you all over it. As I type this, you have every last comment. There’s no need to do research on you. Everyone who frequents this site knows everything there is to know about what a bland non-entity you are. -You want… Read more »


    How long does it take to view an image, briefly scroll through several comments about the image, and post a comment yourself? 30, maybe 40 seconds?

    MCS is a great site that I enjoy, why else would I post a lot?

    I can’t help having a high typing speed so I get things done quicker, not to mention my ability to utilize shortcuts.


    Using MCS is about 1-5% of me entire computer day.

    Very little compared to how much I play video games.


    I run Windows XP x64. If you know much about that you know it isn’t the ideal system. However, it’s never crashed on me, and I never have any real problems on it. What are you doing that screws up your computer so much, Caio? Or is all this stuff just random???


    I hate to say it, but this whole thread brings up memories of the ‘arguing on the internet’/’special olympics’ image that’s probably older than the internet. Arguing over operating systems has always seemed totally futile to me, seeing as we’re decades away from having something that just simply works – people are always going to have problems. I personally am a Vista user at home (mainly because I’m easily distracted by pretty, shiny things), and my beard is far too non-existant for me to comfortably use Linux. At work I use XP – in fact the company is a MS… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Windows 2000 was(is) a very solid OS. If Microsoft has just kept that and continued to develop incremental improvements, it would have been great. But instead they load it with a useless bloat(XP) the restarted from scratch (Vista). There is no way an OS should have the kinds of systems requirement of Vista. Why should I need a 128 MB video card and 2GB of RAM just to run Windows?
    Best combination is Linux for servers, Apple for desktops/laptops, Consoles for games.


    @ Caio

    WAAAAAAahahahahahaahahaha I read the first paragraph and was laughing to hard to continue. HAHAHAHA Disability checks online!



    * 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
    * 512 MB of system memory
    * 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space
    * Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 32 MB of graphics memory
    * DVD-ROM drive
    * Audio Output
    * Internet access (fees may apply)


    LOL @AlecDalek No. Hardly. I just play a 14 year old (or an 18 year old, depending on the topic at hand), on MCS. I’ve actually been an IT consultant (a glorified computer tech) for a few years more than that. I’m also a mad, spastic fps game fanatic, so it sometimes comes out in my posts that way. But I come here to have fun, and dats whut I goan do, dagnabbit!! @The Matrix: Rebooted I’m with you 100%. Barring the security issues, and a few stability/memory management issues, that W2k could have become one of the best OS… Read more »


    And what do you think most people do with their windows vista computer? Check email. Duh.



    If you are trying to tell me that people should pay stupid amounts of money for a 1ghz processor and 512 Mb. of ram just to check email, when it could have been done equally well with hardware that costs a third of that if the OS had been written more efficiently?

    And what about us gamers? I already pay a premium for high end hardware. Why should the OS be allowed to consume such a large portion of my ram and processing power in basic overhead? I’d rather apply those resources towards my framerate…



    Caio deserves oral sex. However, for not backing up a week’s worth of school stuff it should come from some cheap whore.

    casemods is confusing his status as a gamer with the far superior status of geek.

    I run XP and love it, but that’s because I was running ME before.


    phyreblade, vista only uses 512mb of ram and 32mb of video…


    : glad to hear it’s working again. and I agree with you, I still prefer win2k. as far as ms os’s go, it was beautiful. I had a roommate who absolutely insisted on doing a multi-boot ubunta/win xp pro setup… I still owe him a solid boot in the ass for irritating the living hell out of me with questions about doing windows emulation/etc with the damn thing. Fortunately, he moved down to florida and I’ve not gotten a single tech support request since 😛