Pyramid Of Internet Piracy


I’ve been in all of those categories. Does that make me a bad person?

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    …and so the music and video industries attack the file sharers, that makes sense.



    At least they got it a little right?

    After all that money spent they’re still dumbshits.

    70% of shared material is garnered from sources who work in the respective industry. Actually that stat is from a few years ago. It’s probably higher now.

    The only people who get hurt by file sharing are the rich assholes on top. They deserve to be fucked.

    Musicians make most of their income from touring.

    Actors, writers, directors make the bulk of their income up front (only a choice few get a piece of the back end).

    So share away.

    Jonathan Nolan

    They left out the top of the pyramid…

    Studios and distributors chiselling hard-earned money off people:

    milk ninja

    I’m all about debunking the BS that is the war on Internet piracy, but “Studios and distributors chiselling hard-earned money off people” Yes because it’s the stuidos fault people spend retirement money on movies “The only people who get hurt by file sharing are the rich assholes on top. They deserve to be fucked.” One would think that no one did any work or deserved to be paid for it. Who do you think pays those actors, writers and directors? And how many people go to see a band they have never heard of? Not a lot. I’ve bought far… Read more »


    Strangely enough this image fails to allocate a level to the corporates who hijack the public internet and its standards for their own financial gain. The free, voluntary internet is being attacked by the real pirates like Microsoft (who wont comply with W3c standards etc), and also by companies like Sony and Apple etc, who support DRM and sell products such as mp3 players and ipods by using the false representation that these products allow the user to play their chosen music. Such products allow users only to access music etc that is APPROVED by the corporates. These companies are… Read more »

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