Akira Real Life Motorcycle

Teh Hotness:

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    Get rid of the sponsor stickers and I’d ride it. Nice mount for swing arm, though. License plate holder looks like a clipboard, though. All that custom work to make a street legal bike, but they couldn’t integrate the plate mount.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    What are you fucking retarded?

    The stickers are the same as the bike had in the movie dumbfuck.

    The only feet first sport bike I’ve ever seen was a Japanese bike called a stingray.


    man i would LOVE this bike 🙂

    i heard they sell the replicas for like 70,000 US somewhere.


    Who said I wanted an exact replica of the movie bike? I could go without the bowling ball front rim, too.

    Cousin fucking weaboo.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    I don’t give a fuck what you want.

    Point is: the stickers are there because they’re on the bike it’s a realization of. So no you’re back peddling and saying you just meant you didn’t like the bike in the movie either?

    Just man up and admit you haven’t seen the movie and you lost you balls in an apple bobbing accident at your last family reunion.


    HAHA it’s like tron!!!
    anyone see that movie?


    Nice bike design. Don’t like the stickers. How hard is that for you to understand? Are the “sponsors” helping pay for the bike? Are they sending me a check every month, or do I need to travel to bike shows for that? Without their approval, putting the logos on the bike could get you a cease and desist order, and cost you a new paint job. Wheeeee! If I had the spare cash to toss at building a bike inspired by Kaneda’s, I’d go with what I want. Including a naked front rim. As it is, steering would be a… Read more »


    Robster, I don’t think you get the fucking point. If you’re going to design a bike based on a movie, because it looks cool, as a rule of thumb you’re going to actually fucking want to make it look like, you know, the one in the fucking movie.

    If you have some magical lovely idea for bike design, build it and ask tikigod to post it, but you probably should call it something other than “Akira Real Life Motorcycle”.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson



    I get your point. This is a show bike made by BSU/Neo-Fukuoka. It was painted as close to the movie design as was possible. Fine. Previous mockups for shows didn’t have the logos because they were told not to use them by lawyers (most didn’t even have engines). In fact, the bike was sticker free for a long time, probably legal reasons. This bike, if you look closely, has BSU instead of BMW. Why? It isn’t a BMW bike, so no permission. N-F probably got permission because there is talk of a live action remake, again. Probably will go as… Read more »

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Well then Mr Blowhard McNeveradmithesfuckedup, why don’t you google the fucking bike I mentioned in my first post here?

    There are videos of the bike being ridden and the steering is fine. It’s a feet first sport bike and you can choke on it.

    You get our point…now. It took some slaps before you woke up though.


    Wow, Maggie, was that name supposed to offend me? Project much? Feet first sport bike? Ooooh. They slapped a fiberglass body on a chopper. I’m so impressed. The extremely large front fairings on the Kaneda bike could mess with steering. I’m not the only one on the intertubes to point that out. The fairings are a problem if they bump up against the body. The stickers are too, IMHO, for legal issues and cluttering up otherwise nice lines. Until I see the Kaneda bike (not the stingray) being driven at speed and handling corners, I’ll remain skeptical. So far, I’ve… Read more »

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson







    now STFU PLEASE! For your own sake. No last word needed. It will only serve to further embarrass you and confirm and lingering suspicions that you’re a 100% complete fucking idiot.


    Sorry to take so long getting back to you, Maggie. Real world stuff, you wouldn’t understand.

    So you still haven’t found video of the Kaneda bike being ridden? Not the stingray. No problem. I haven’t either.

    I’ve made my points about the exagerated fairings, the stickers, and the license plate clipboard. Is it just a show bike, or is it rideable? If not rideable, no better than all the previous mockups.

    Quit being a weaboo and look at the bike as a bike.